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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jason hitting yesterday doing great with muscle ups

Krissi and Carl trading licks on the 24inch box jumps

Go Roger!

CFHQ Rest Day
Make-up Day
3 rounds for time of:
Run 800m
20 SDLHP (75 lbs/53 lbs)
30 Abmat sit-ups

Yesterday's killer of a WOD was the last workout in the 2009 Crossfit games. Not something I've explored alot on here, but I'll fill you in with what I know.

The Crossfit games have grown expontentially since they first emerged in 2007. This year brings in a much more thorough qualification process drawing from a world wide base of extraordinarily strong individuals and teams. Crossfitters around the world are currently gearing up for Sectionals, Qualifiers and eventually the 2010 Crossfit games in August out in Aromas, California.

This weekend the Georgia sectionals are happening up at Stone mountain. It's $25 a day for spectators with workouts on both Saturday and Sunday. Go here for more info. There is some space left for teams but you'd really have to be on the ball to get ready and be in for this one.
In the individual competition 15 men and 15 women will go on from here to the Dirty South Qualifiers in the coming months. This will gather all the southeastern sectional winners for a final selection of four men and four women who will go on to Aromas. We'll keep you all updated with info about that one.

The original pursuit of the games was to ascertain who is the fittest man and women in the world. Crossfit has done this through constantly varied and usually brutal workouts. And the results have been unpredictable. 2008 was an unknown former globo-gym bodybuilder from California who had to scale his first Fran. 2009 brought a reticent Finnish fireman, who mainly trained on his own. 2010 promises to be as open a field as can be expected; there is absolutely no certainty with who will win. And that, my friends, is very exciting.

-Paul Siegel


  1. Not feel so "chipper" after yesterday's WOD....good grief.

  2. Just finished the chipper, I'm with ya Birdie.

    Took out another serving of complex carbs so back to all paleo except pasta or brown rice post workout meal. And I threw creamer and splenda back in my coffee. I feel great!