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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J on cleans.
6 o'clockers running through the chipper.

"Tabata This!"
Tabata Row
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-ups
Tabata is a interval protocol of 20 second of all out work followed by 10 second of rest repeated 8 times. So for this you'll row for 20 seconds and rest for 10 for eight times. Then moving on to the other exercises. For more info google Tabata and you'll see plenty to read about. If you'd like to read the original study take a look here.
I've long been a proponent of healthy local eating and one of my main objections has always been the sometimes exorbitant cost. Which is why this article in the Atlantic piqued my interest. Apparently wal-mart has taken a stand on organic and looked to get some of the lucrative market share. With their enormous buying power they have encouraged local farms and brought organic to the masses. In the article they carried much the same quality as Whole Foods and other resources. I haven't looked into my local wal-mart to see if any of this is true. But it could be an excellent resources for cheap eats.
-Paul Siegel

For those who are looking into the locavore thing and want to buy direct from the farms, a CSA(Community-Supported Agriculture) is a great option. A CSA typically works as a subscription between consumer and farmer/group of farmers that entitles you to a weekly(produce)/monthly(meat) share of the harvest. Some you will commit to a six month period, others you can purchase week by week. A list of local CSA's can be found here, provided by Georgia Organics. I have shared a weekly CSA basket with my sister in the past, and the food was great, fairly cheap, and I enjoyed having my produce chosen for me. It forced me to try some new things and get creative with my cooking. I have not yet participated in a meat CSA, but am looking into, as it is the most cost effective way to get grassfed beef and sustainable pork.
A couple of choice CSAs:
Moore's Farm and Friends - This is the CSA I have used in the past. They also have an online store to buy additional produce/meats that can be picked up with your CSA.
Riverview Farms - Both meat and produce CSAs. This is the meat CSA I am thinking of doing, they supply many restaurants in the Atlanta area, and the meat is outstanding.
Nature's Harmony Farm - There is a waitlist for their meat CSA, but sometimes they are overstocked and sell by the cut. You can also get pastured eggs, chickens, and raw milk from the farm.
Carlton Farm - They don't have a CSA, but sell pastured (grassfed) raw milk, cheese, eggs, and honey. Sometimes they will have ground beef and other cuts. They drop off right by the post office in Dunwoody on Wednesdays from 10-11AM. I purchase from them often.



  1. Anyone interested in going to watch the Sectionals on Saturday? Kinda stinks we have to pay even to watch...but it could be fun to get a group together.

  2. Today was as close as I've come to vomiting since I started crossfit...so yeah. Good times. I guess.

    Andy and Wade whopped me, they are some strong old dudes. Definitely lost ground on both the pullups and pushups, my perennial weak spots.

    Tabata This! 273

  3. That was a tough one Paul. I can't believe you let me (being an old guy too) beat you! I was 317 and earned every sweat drop to get it done!

    I bet you smoked us on the row though.

  4. Sorry for lack of blog comment activity on my part...

    I've had a rough few days...energy levels completely drained. Last Friday, could not finish the WOD, yesterday, trailed the other guys significantly. Basically lounged around all weekend long - didn't want to do anything.

    I think it's a combo of travel, bad sleep, girl scout cookies, and the demanding women in my life (wife + 2 daughters) :)

    None the less - I'm taking a couple of days off from work starting tomorrow and going to a wedding this weekend at the beach. Rest, recharge, and hopefully I'll be raring to go soon.

    Yes - I will get drunk - so no paleo-emphasis this weekend for me.

    See you guys and gals soon, and I'm gonna whip some ass when I get back :)

  5. Chris - Just keep on imploding on yourself. You'll be much easier to beat on the final stretch of the challenge ha ha.

    Seriously, go rest up and have a fun weekend. Hope to hit the wods with you next week.

  6. Chad,
    I'm not sure about "let" you beat me. I was, frankly, more concerned about not messing up Nate's floors. I felt it was a pretty good performance for me. I've always struggled with body weight stuff. Speaking as a coach its great that my athletes are stronger than me. That is after all our goal.

    Take as long as you need to figure stuff out, the gym will always be there to come back to. Enjoy your drunken revelry; have a shot of whiskey for me, I miss whiskey, and one for chad as well.

    Whenever I lose my way in life I watch this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hikLjcwFdD8 and know why I was put here on earth.

  7. @Mackenzie - I'm thinking about going to watch the Sectionals on Saturday.

    Do we have any CFSS members participating?

    @Paul - you have to watch out for us old and crafty guys. "Old age and treachery, will overcome youth and skill"

    Interesting article on Walmart getting into the local grown organic food market.

    Recently read that Sandy Springs will be hosting a farmers market beginning sometime in April at the old Target on Sandy Springs Circle.

    Conan - "what is good in life" - love that line

    @Chris - enjoy your time off at the beach

  8. Chris - Paul is right. Drink MORE than a few for me. I've probably been a little TOO strict and could sure use some junky food and lots of booze so I'm jealous! Enjoy yourself.