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Saturday, October 31, 2009

25 squats

25 pushups

25 pullups

25 situps

50 squats

50 pushups

50 pullups

50 situps

75 squats

75 pushups

75 pullups

75 situps


  1. today was FARKING AWESOME!! Holy CrossFit party!??! you guys did fantastic on that epically sick WOD!

    forgot to post yesterday: "Michael"=17:55

    After heavy deadlifts then michael, my "postieor chain" is w r e c k e d in the best possible way. Happy Holloween, gonna go scARE some kids with my curlfry outfit.

  2. sick workout. made me sick! Great job everyone!

  3. Is there a workout on Sunday? What time? (Or am I just blind??) Loved the curlyfry outfit. My posterior chain is not activated, but my inner thighs are and I can tell my abs will be sore tomorrow. dddddaaaaannngggg!