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Friday, October 30, 2009

Russ, working through Cherry.
There's just something about fall. Chace and his roommate's annual holiday card. They're close.

Rest Day
150m Row
5 Knees to Elbows
10 Burpees
5 rounds for time
We've gained seven new people in the past couple of days, and we're hoping to gain a lot more. As we get busier we'd like y'alls help in making sure this place runs efficiently.
  • If you see a new face go ahead and say Hi, introduce yourself and talk about Crossfit, you've got a built in conversation starter right there. It's all about community in here.
  • Make sure to wipe down your Abmat's, mats, bars, parallettes, pull up bars and anything else you sweat, sneeze or bleed on. We love to share in here, but not H1N1 or MRSA.
  • On that note, we'll assist you but make sure you're racking up all your weights, putting up dumbbells and putting away stuff were it goes. It's not a problem right now but make sure to get in the habit.
  • As we get more people in make sure to show up on time and start the warm up on time, it becomes more disruptive to classes when we have to wait for someone who's late. If you have a time restriction make sure to let one of your trainers know so we can help you out.

Tomorrow is Halloween, we'll all be in Costume. You are more than welcome to come in costume as well. In fact it almost guarantees a spot on the blog.

Your Friday Video of the week is this one coming to you from MadTv. Which has been cracking Nate and myself up all week. May not be Work and Family Safe for all office environments. Opens in Youtube with sound.


  1. Aww pretty pic chace; i expected some background music to go with that. I have to get the embargo lifted for me to reenter CFSS. Chace banned my shoes from entering the gym; he's such a shoehater. Time to get them chuck taylors i suppose. I'll seeya all in the morning; i'll be in disguise

  2. HAHAHA!! holy crap, that was great chace!!! sorry i missed your call last night, we went out after our workout. dang i miss you guys. we will catch up soon!! i can't wait for your christmas card!

  3. That's one fly-ass sweater. And the turtleneck to boot? Off the chain!

    I wish I had the skills to put that kind of ensemble together...

  4. The program I'm doing now has the competition lifts on one day and then technique (and volume) days following it. It's a nice, relaxing, interesting program and I'm putting weight on the bar, one of the things I truly love to do in Crossfit.

    Heaving Split Snatch Balance (say that 3x fast!)

    High Bar Back Squat

    Snatch High Pull