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Thursday, May 27, 2010

For time
185 lbs. Shoulders to Overhead 20 reps
40 Burpees
partition as necessary

I mentioned the Skill Tests yesterday, we'll start by looking at the second level, Level II. The first level (Level I) is for those immediately out of the on-ramp.  What we're looking for here is consistency in mechanics, sloppy reps or lifts are grounds for a miss. This level is primarily for those who have just started group classes and become acclimatized to the intensity and types of work we do in Crossfit. You must complete 8 out of the 10 tasks to become a level II.

All Reps to be completed without stopping
Squats: 30
Pushups: Male 10 
              Female 15 (Knees)
Situps: 30 with abmat, butterfly
Pullups: Improvement from band to band (i.e. green to blue) or 1 strict pullup no band

Speed Work
400m Run: 2:04
500m Row: Male 2:10
                    Female 2:25

Deadlift 3/4 Bodyweight
Press 1/4 Bodyweight
Squat 1/2 Bodyweight

5 rounds of "Cherry"

Once we've unveiled all of the levels and answered any questions, you all will have the chance to test for each level.  We recommend that you tackle each task on oneday, instead of trying to do all of them at once. Because of this it may take a few weeks or months to advance through a level.


  1. Very cool skills level benchmarks. Tell us what the next level is so I can start worry about it...

    Today's wod was awesome! What a great mix of pushing heavy stuff overhead and then gettin winded on burpees! Whew! I just felt a sweat drop thinking about it...

  2. right on! I can wait to hit today's WOD! GReat idea this of level evalutaion! I am sure it will help us grow stronger and push our boundaries even further! Thanks to all of you, wonderful coaches, for your dedication! You inspire us!

    Love y'all!

  3. I think the Crossfit total at 1.5 times bodyweight is quite low. For a guy weighing 200 lbs, a 1.5 total would mean 300lbs which can be achieved quite easily considering you have 3 different routines to achieve it and the weights add up. For a girl, its even less - assuming 135lbs and 1.5 total would mean 200lbs. Starting just at the 45lb bar you are already at bodyweight.

  4. Okay, so Level I is for graduates from the on ramp. That being said, maybe its a good idea to have separate benchmarks for Males and Females on Total? Anyway you guys know best.

  5. This is the second of 5 levels, really the first strength and movment standards some people will have ever seen, we want the strengths levels to be achievable for a newbie within the first month or two. We may have to go higher eventually but we'll address that when the need comes about.

    I'm actually going to remove that standard until we can talk about it.

    Y'all will see III, IV and V in the coming days.

  6. Anybody seen Chris Lang????? Everyone doing great with this WOD. Don crrrrushed it RX @ 4:43?

    Ya'll c'mon.

    Oh yeah, Paul, will you post for us to be closed memorial day (evening classes)? Thanks man.

    Excited bout the new site tomorrow!

  7. I'm excited about the skills level tests! and the new website! Is this something that we complete on our own time before and after wods and do you have a book set aside with everyone's name in it with the task to complete and just check it off as we finish or do we keep the record ourselves in our own books? just curious as to how to keep up with moving through skill levels and what's expected. Thanks!
    p.s. Burpees = no fun. :(

  8. ...why is the womens requirement for push-ups higher?

  9. Because, Isa, you girls are super strong and kick ass

  10. The requirements for women on push-ups are:

    10 from the toes OR 15 from the knees

    sorry for the confusion on that one.


    All of the skills level requirements and each athlete's specific level will be recorded on the new white board.


    yes joining the gym automatically makes you a level one. So, there are no requirements other than your dedication to joining.

  11. Way to go Don! Wow what an animal. You are so ready for the CF Games!! I think I'll nickname you "Level 5".