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Friday, May 28, 2010

A hearty welcome to Scott who just finished his on-ramp!

(some of)The women of Crossfit Sandy Springs

4 rounds for time of:
400m run
50 Squats

This is a duplicate post. We're currently working on getting http://www.crossfitsandysprings.com/up and running for you blog needs from now on.

In discussing Level III, our watch word here is consistency.  We expect by this point that everyone will have solid mechanics and that the movements will no longer feel foreign. We feel that the vast majority of people will fall into  this category, or be very close to getting into it or out of it. For this level ever task must be completed.

All reps to be completed without stopping
Squats: 50
Pushups:Male 20
              Female 15 (no knees)
Knees to Elbows: Male 10 (or 20 sec. L-sit)
                             Female 5 (or 10 sec. L-sit)
Pullups: Male 7 strict or 15 kipping
              Female 3 strict or 8 kipping
Dips (Static): Male 10 
                     Female 5
Box Jumps: Male 30"x1
                    Female 24"x1
400m run 1:30
800m run 3:24
5k run 30:00
500m row: Male 1:45
                  Female 1:55

Deadlift 1 1/2 Bodyweight
Press 1/2 Bodyweight
Squat Bodyweight
Powerclean 3/4 Bodyweight

"Helen" sub 13:30


  1. Fun WOD this morning.

    Love the idea of the skills levels. It will force me to work on some of my goats.

    Mark me down for Level III 400m run and squats.

    Can't wait to see the new website

  2. I think getting helen done RX will be the biggest challenge of all on Level III. Thats a lot of HSPU to do strict!

    Do we need to retest "officially" for these over again even if we know we can do them such as strength stuff, pullups, etc?

  3. Chad, where do you do HSPUs in helen?

  4. Chad,
    Chace is the final arbiter but I imagine we'll take the strength stuff, but need to see the gymnastics movements and possible the speed work as well.

  5. Vilas - I'm losing my mind. Could have sworn I saw that it said Diane. Either way I'm thankful it said Helen then and NO hspu! Diane would be good for the next level though. HSPU are hard.

  6. Chad,

    For all strength standards, current P.R.'s will be excepted without retesting.

    Same goes for your "Helen" time.

    All "Speed" times(running/rowing) and gymnastics skills (squats ,push-ups,pull-ups,etc...) will need to be tested for.

    All rules and procedures for testing will be covered in our final installation to the blog for the Skills Level Development series.

    Happy how excited everyone is about the Skills Level Development series. I cant wait to start it up and see where everyone lands.

  7. accepted not excepted, sorry about that.

  8. Oh man. Not fun, my legs are jelly.

    All by myself in the hot sun on this one. It's tough when you don't have anyone to pace off of, but I think my time is accurate. Probably could have made some time up on the run.

    18:00 on the nose.

    Messed around with Sumo Deadlifts after:

    185, 225, 275

  9. so the box jumps are 30"x1 or x10? Going by this metric, I can safely say that I'm at about level 2.87

  10. Paul thanks for getting me thru those squats today and for guiding me through my first hand stand! Yayyyy! :0)

  11. Vilas,
    Standard was written wrong in my notebook. 30x1

  12. okay, my brain is on overload with all this stuff, but i LOVE it!!! so glad to see chace's comments about more to come on specifics and that we are still in the process of just laying out some of the ideas...today going home, i was driving russ crazy asking a katrillion questions(imagine that!) looking forward to beginning this process, growing from it, and ultimatly learning so much!