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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 rounds for time of:
500m Row
1 legged Deadlift (10 R/10 L) 95/65
10 Strict Pullups

A few things to keep an eye out for in the coming days: 

Our new website will go live, hopefully Friday. We've condensed the blog and the gym website under one heading, not to mention streamlining the user experience. We're going to do our best to ensure a smooth transfer and appreciate your understanding if problems arise. The new website will be here: http://www.crossfitsandysprings.com/

We've developed skill levels assessments. What is that, you ask? The assesmments include proficiency with body weight movements, minimum times for runs and rows and basic strength levels as percentage of body weight. We'll be explaining each of the 4 levels in the coming week and what is expected from you to attain each level.  

What is the point of Skill Levels? Well, ultimately it serves two primary purposes: One is to simplify scalings for coaches. If we know someone is at a certain level than that represents a certain amount of ability and capacity in our eyes.  And if we know that you are right on the cusp of moving up a level we can help direct your training toward that end. The second purpose is that it allows you all to see how you compare within the gym. Say a Level 3 from 6 p.m. was looking for a comparable time, they would look at a Level 3 from 6 a.m.  At the very top levels (in our case Level IV and V) they represent a person that we feel can compete nationally in Crossfit events. Everyone will be tested into a level, whether you choose to advance through the levels is a personally choice, one which we will encourage.


  1. Can't wait to see the new website. The new skills levels sound great. Will be good to push us all to the next level and keep the competition going.

    Question to trainers: I know there are books/plans on building strength like Mark Ripptoe has. Are there any training plans/books that can help my METCONS/Cardio get better?

  2. Oh man.. I thought the one legged deadlift was a joke.. guess the joke is on me :)

  3. Looking forward to the new website and the skill level assessments. Will probably be a great way to see our progress and keep being motivated to torture ourselves at 6am ;o).
    Great workout this am...Paul, thanks for counting a few of those "flakey" pull-ups! Whew! - kathrin

  4. Chad, we'll check about the books to help with metcons but for now just stop being a puss.....just kiddin man; nobody pushes like Chad Rhabdo Perry!!

  5. When I danced, especially in Ballet, it was that one always competed with themselves...I 've never known team sports competition or even individual....However I am highly motivated to compete againist myself...Always trying to personally do better than I did is what drives me...Having this individualized training specific to each persons skills set is very exciting! Added benefit of how this will help ya'll be even better at training us(don't see how you can improve on Fantastical though-winkwink:-) is gonna be great...yippee, can't wait. First, gotta get this da*n sinus infection gone so I can return!
    :( ....hopefully soon...

  6. Rhabdo Abbdo...

    You're not going hard enough until you hospitalize yourself for 3 days. That's my motto!