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Friday, May 21, 2010

5 rounds for time of:
800m Run
30 Dumbbell Swings 55/70 lbs.
30 Pullups

Good Luck to everyone doing the Warrior Dash!

It's all in the hips.  In sport, and especially crossfit, power is generated by some of the largest muscles in the body open and closing the hip joint.  Take Eva for example.  A dumbbell swing is almost pure hip strength, you won't get 70 lbs. over your head 150 times with pure shoulder strength.  We move the weight by opening the hip aggressively, the arms are merely there to make sure the weight doesn't go shooting through a window. A kipping pullup is less of an upper body strength movement than it is an example of efficiently open and closing the hip to generate elevation on the pullup bar.  Just cause you can do a kipping pullup doesn't indicate that you can do a deadhang pullup. 
-Paul Siegel


  1. Dear Eva...you are NOT my friend after this morning! But I still got the best of you :), and man does it feel good.

  2. The photo gallery is SO cool... I'm so glad you guys take pics of us! xxoo

  3. I agree! Thanks for taking pics! Although they aren't usually "pretty" it is great to be reminded of how hard you were working at the time!

  4. I'm just glad to know the camera adds 10lbs... or was it 20? either way got to get rid of it for real!

    My legs and ass are wrecked. Karen then Eva was a one two punch.

  5. Haha couldnt agree more with you Chad. The camera makes us look like misery and the extra 30 lbs that makes us look bloated :)

  6. Paul-
    thanks for these insights (as always)...i def need to get this hip action stuff down then for my pull ups...i SEE exactly what you are talking about watching Krissy or Karin, so i know what it should look like and i understand it in my head, but its making my body DO IT!

  7. What time is the class on Sunday??