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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Make Up Day

Never underestimate the power of ice. Aches and pain are quite normal for any crossfitter, do this long enough and something will hurt in an unexpected way.  Before throwing in the towel, or putting up with an injury, try following an ice regimen.  Some of the best suspects for icing are muscle bellies and joints.

Our prescription for icing is 5 times a day at minium, 5 times a day gets you a C+.   Leave it on 10-20 minutes and make sure the skin returns to normal temperature before icing again. But be warned some musculature (particular the inner muscles of the hip: psoas, piriformis, etc.) are hard to ice without  immersion.

Sunday's class will be at 11:00


  1. Good luck to every one participating in the Warrior Dash!

    Finally back to doing heavy squats today (5 x 5). Been off for a month now. Lost a good bit of weight from previous PR, but it felt great. Whoop!

    Gym open tomorrow?

  2. hi kelly! sorry i missed you today...i have lost my voice :( -?! russ told me it was a great workout though.

    good luck & have a blast to all in the warrior dash this wkend!

  3. Lori! Did you get your voice back? I blame Eva

  4. I love a good ice bath when my legs are totally spent! No more than 10 minutes though.

  5. vilas! it's monday & still no voice!? ...i would blame eva too except i had already lost my voice earlier that day:(...hopefully i will be back to normal soon so i can get back to it!