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Thursday, May 20, 2010


It was a pleasure having you here John, good luck next season and hope to see you again soon.
The Fly'n Jamacain
150 Wallball Shots for time
20 lbs/14 lbs.

Taking care of your hands is a vital but small part of crossfit.  Simple maintenance once a day will keep 'em healthy and tear free.  First off immediately post workout wash your hands of any chalk. Chalk is a dissecant, it dries up the sweat on your hand during a workout, but after it strips moisture from your hands. And supple is what we are after with calluses.
 Sometime during the day, usually after showering is best, use a pumice stone to grind down your calluses. You want to leave a layer of callus but not one so thick that it can't fold or move easily.  After grinding down moisturize with your favorite moisturizer, I'm partial to Burt's Bees Hand Salve but really almost anything will work.  
If your prone to tears, it's best to work harden your hands.  This involves wearing tape or some other covering for half a workout and nothing for the last half, this way you can slowly develop calluses.
-Paul Siegel

Congrats to:
         Jason on your first muscle-up.

Welcome to:
         Glissel, Valarie, Caren, and Angela. Were so excited to have you guys here.


  1. and if you do tear your callouses, put COCOA BUTTER on your hands! It's magical!

  2. Karen shot my legs today! Ouch!

    Can't wait to survive Eva tomorrow.

    How did you all do on your times today?


  3. Yesterday was a fun one. Glad Curtis came in and pushed me into competitive mode during it.

  4. JASON'S MUSCLE UP WAS SO AWESOME YESTERDAY!!! I was so glad I got to be there to share in the glory. I felt the victory in myself too :-)

    Cool picture of Carl! I'm Jamaican bound actually!!! 1 more week!

  5. Carl, I dont know if you read the blog but thats a great picture - Usain Bolt, watch out!!

  6. How you doing Joanna??? Can't believe you are almost to wedding day! Hope you can come in a time or two before you head to NY.

  7. Thanks for pushing me through those last 20 WB's this morning Chace!

  8. No worries Nikki. i should be thanking you. It's moments like that one, which we as trainers love. You have a fire and determination that is rarely matched.

  9. Chad everything's wonderful! I'll try to hit a 6am again sometime... it's so hard to wake up so early! How are you doing??

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