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Friday, May 14, 2010

5/15 Total

"Crossfit Total"
Back Squat, 1 RM
Press, 1 RM
Deadlift, 1 RM

There often seems to be a correlation between the intensity and length of a workout and it's inherent value for a certain aim.  We see this in the mixture of fear and admiration with which Murph and Barbara are completed, and often looked forward to.  But this correlation is inherently misleading. Staying too long with this intense, long workouts and things start to fall apart. Cortisol builds up as the body is stressed to a breaking point and all those health markers (body fat, sleep, energy, health) backslide.  Long intense workouts done often is not the path to being healthy. 

We program heavy days and shorter met cons, as well as longer workout, because they stress different metabolic pathways and allow you all to recover. These heavy days or short metcons are not toss away efforts, days lost to achieve a perfect body or higher performance. Everything we have you all do in here serves a purpose. And that purpose is to get you closer to your goals. You just have to trust the process.

-Paul Siegel

Sunday's class will be at 12:00

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  1. Family Fun Day made me want to have kids... Brian's pretty upset about that! :-)