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Friday, May 14, 2010

CFHQ Rest Day
Make Up Day

My father has been doing Crossfit for almost a year and a half. In the beginning his gains came quickly, moving from scaling to scaling. But now he has stalled out.  Maybe some of you have experienced this.  There comes a point in most peoples Crossfitting were the gains no longer come as easily, due to a host of factors. 
So what do you do about? One of the best things to do is a little extracurricular work, come early or stay after and work on what you want to work, within reason of course. We're always here to help out with what you work on. Another option is maybe take a week off, if you find yourself sick, injured or otherwise worn out it wouldn't hurt to take some time. Now of those two options, neither seems that appealing but its important to recognize that you are past the point of "easy" gains. But a little bit of extra work in addition to what you're already down should provide results.
-Paul Siegel


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  2. Paul, did you clear this post with your dad first? Just wondering! lol, see you today for Barbara!!

  3. ok, why is my head cut off? ughh blogs...

  4. We are bringing Sophia to family fun day tomorrow!

  5. LOL.. not sure what happened to my earlier Post... Chad I hope you feel better!!! See eveyone on Saturday! : )

  6. Awesome Birdie! All you adults might wanna get your workout in before 11. It'll be more or less a crazy obstacle course for little ones. My monkeys are looking forward to it!

    Holy enternity WOD "Paul"!?!?!? Had a great time rockin it with Chace and Chuck today.