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Monday, May 17, 2010

Seven rounds for time of:
10 Handstand Pushups
45 Dumbbell Squat Cleans, 10 reps
10 L-pullups

This past Saturday Pops, Mom and I spread 5 cubic yards of mulch around the family homestead, and are planning to do 5 yards more sometime in the coming week.  To some of you this may not sound impressive, however we had tried this same thing 5-6 years ago and it had taken us approximately 8 weekends to complete.  What's changed? Well both of us Crossfit regularly and try and eat right. To our minds (Roger and myself) the only thing that has changed for us is doing Crossfit.  I chalk this up to increased work capacity in often suprising domains. It makes every day things easier and the uncommon less challenging.

Has Crossfit made things easier for you, made every day tasks harder? What has it helped you to do?


  1. I have to take my laundry over to a laundry-mat... up and down lots of stairs! I'm able to carry so much more weight and I don't get tired as quickly. I'm also moving soon and I can tell that I can carry heavier boxes and I just have more stamina :-) All due to CrossFit!

  2. Oh and grocery bags! I have to go up and down stairs with my grocery bags and I look like a freak, but I can kill some hefty grocery bags.

  3. It's definitely helped heaps. I am a waitress when not in class and often times have to carry very heavy loads of plates and glass racks up and down stairs...i've noticed an increase in strength and how much easier it seems to be these days. Am looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

  4. I have to carry Nate's head around for him. In the past, I would be exhausted after only seconds. Now, I can help him for at least several minutes! All do to CF! No worries about your huge head my friend, I GOT YOU!!!

  5. That's why Nate's so fast, he's always working out! Carrying that monster melon around has got to be exhausting!

  6. Yeah, thanks guys for helping me with my head.

    Dunno what I'd do without you!

  7. You guys cut Nate some slack on the size of that bean....you have no idea what a burden this has been for his entire life...

    He has to pay extra for a haircut. Hell, he might have to use a lawn service to get that crop "in the barn".

    He has hearing issues cuz his ears are so far apart.

    His children live in fear of inheriting that big tater.

    So back off!!

    Love and Kisses,