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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Overhead Squats

The one tip for overhead squats is active shoulders.  As soon as you take the bar out of the rack and lock it out overhead your shoulders should be in your ears (or as close as possible).  This active shrug up is what allows the muscle to stabilize the bar rather than having it rest on the shoulder joint. If things start to get a little wonky, push up on the bar and get those shoulders active.

Y'all may have noticed our new and improved warm-ups. Since the majority of warm-ups will be group warmups please make an effort to come on time (or a little early if possible) classes will start no less then 5 minutes after the hour. Also be aware that if you come late, you'll have to work quickly and efficiently to catch up to the group.
-Paul Siegel


  1. Boy it has been quiet on here. Chris - where is the smack talk? I might have a little something for you today on the board so come on in and try to beat it!

    Hope everyone is well and hanging with these intense workouts. Tomorrow is really going to suck! 500m row, 150 double unders and 50 burpees. Might lose breakfast on this one.

  2. I just want to know what Chace is doing in the back of the 2nd picture there.

  3. Travel week this week - so I'm all out of sorts. I'll be in on Thursday, I think - and I'll check out that board!

  4. Chris - I'll be "out of town" next time I know you can beat me too...! ha ha Have safe travels man.

  5. Blaise - I never see you since I'm a 6 am guy but geez what kind of wheaties do you eat? Your lifts are friggin huge! All the hockey training or just blessed?

  6. Haha, thanks Chad. I have never really done these bigger lifts seriously until I joined end of February. I suppose sports helped some (suprising amount of back involved in hockey). Although, I would put my money on the wheaties. If they are good enough for Peyton Manning......

  7. So we're doing it THIS Saturday (April 17th); Krissi, Karin, Russ and me. CrossFit Garage competition in Woodstock 9am and 12:00.

    I just hit the first chipper workout (holy ouch)

    19:38. Yall come watch, it'll be fun!!

  8. Wheaties - I knew it!

    Nate - good luck to you all on the competition! You all will kill it I'm sure.

  9. Nate! I'm so glad to hear you are in for the Gar Games on Saturday, I will be there to CHEER cheer cheer You, Russ, and my girls ON! :D

  10. Good luck on Saturday!!! I'm so proud of you all!