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Monday, April 12, 2010

CFHQ Rest Day

5x1 Deadlift at 95-100% of 1RM deadlift
with Afterburner!

We often get asked  how we feel about protein powder.   We are in no way against protein powder, we would however prefer that you get the majority of your protein from an animal based source.  It's not really protein unless it's had a face.  That being said sometime meat is simple not available or impractical.  In that case you can use protein powder as a protein source.  It is not something we would recommend doing on a regular basis however.  The other good use for protein powder is if your simple not getting enough protein for your goals.  You'll see various amounts recommend (the most common being around 1 gram/ lb of bodyweight for strength athletes and 1 gram/ lb of lean bodyweight for everyone else) and that will also be based on personal needs and preferences.
When choosing your protein try and choose that with the least additives and adulteration. Try and avoid soy and other exotic isolates.  Most of this will be filler with little to no nutritional value.  Also if possible try to get a small sample before buying 10 pounds.  Speaking personally "Vanilla berry explosion" Can get a little old, especially when you have 8 pounds left.  If you've got some experience with protein powders or other questions go ahead and post to comments.


  1. Today was a great combo of skills type warmup, heavy lifts (on a rest day! cool) and then a great afterburner. I feel like it hit me in all the right spots! Thanks for the great instruction Chace!

  2. I say stick with vanilla, it is the most versatile for making smoothies. Also, make sure to check the company you buy from. Alot of nutrition companies mis-label their products.

    Thanks Chad, i'm glad to hear you enjoy the new warm-ups.