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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clean one rep on the minute every minute for 15 minutes.
Score is highest and lowest weight.

Notice the speed under the bar from  Matthias Steiner.  The bar does not raise that high, but it doesn't have to.  It is not how high you pull the bar but how quickly you get underneath it that dictates how much weight you can lift.

5 things to make your summer more "Crossfit":

5. Mix chopped up bacon into your hamburgers. I like to use 4-6 slices of bacon per pound of hamburger. Throw the bacon in a food processor, pulse for a few second and then throw in the hamburger. Form into patties of preferred size and shape.Trust me this is incredible.

4. Go for a hike, or a walk around the block, or a run, or a bike ride. Use that new found fitness to go further and see more than you've ever been able. We have a hike coming up ( The day of the hike may be changing due to weather) this weekend.

3. Try a push lawn mower.  Using a push lawn mower is much more ecological sensible, it self fertilizes your lawn and the upkeep is significantly less than a gas mower.  Plus the slight resistance helps you recover from strenuous workouts that much faster.

2. Grab some Vitamin D.  Get some sun but not too much, approximately 30 minutes a day is highly recommended. Especially if you work inside. Vitamin D is shown to have a positive influence in almost all health markers. It will make you a happier, healthier, stronger person.  For more info go here.

1. Take some rest time and enjoy the weather.  People often get so rapt up in life and its various entanglements that they often forget to take time and enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. Whether that's sipping a G and T on the porch or going out for a quick 8 to 10 mile hike, do something you enjoy.


  1. How is anybody able to function this morning? Jeez theres something about lunges and squats that makes you lose bodily function in your legs, permanently!

  2. Yall can do power cleans today if your legs are wrecked from yesterday so c'mon everybody!

    "Filthy 50" 19:57

  3. Vilas - I'm feeling your pain today as well.

    Happens every time we have a WOD with lunges and to a lessor extent high rep squats.

    I'm going to start incorporating lunges into my warm-ups so that I'm not wrecked the next time we do a WOD with lunges.

    Nate - nice time on the Filthy 50

    Oh the pain........

  4. See, no reason to lose sleep over filthy fifty Mr. Nate. :) - Kathrin

  5. My quads are worthless from last night!

  6. thnx Kathrine! awesome on the cleans this am!

  7. thanks Kathrine! awesome job on the cleans this am!