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Monday, April 26, 2010

3 rounds for time of:
100' Walking Lunges
50 Squats
25 Hip Extensions

I'm a bit of a strength weenie and this video is just makes extraordinary  To have such an unparalleled level of strength at such a young age can only bring up suggestions of Olympics, world championship and maybe a new hope for US weightlifting. Some people would consider it strange  (or even disheartening) to watch someone at a such a high level, in that there is no connection between what he does and where we are.
Maybe it is a little strange that I am enthused by this.  In my defense these sort of videos only point to what is possible for a human to achieve with proper conditioning and coaching, not exactly Crossfit, but something in the same vein. I would think that if this young man can squat 706 lbs. 5 times than maybe I can put a few more pounds on my squat, I can dare to be better, I can push myself to do better.  Do you guys like see these videos? What do you think of this video?
-Paul Siegel


  1. that 440# snatch near the end was amazing. I agree with you Paul. Seeing these videos does help push me to slap on more weight and keep pushing the limits. Kind of humbling to watch but very good.

  2. Let's push ourselves but let's not forget hormones do wonders. He is still a teenager after all. Thanks for the video, Paul. The Snatch was truly amazing!

  3. It's fascinating to watch how the bar bends and bows with all that weight on there!!!

  4. Yeah that was a truly amazing snatch especially since the world record is 213.5 kg. 30 pounds is very doable for a 19 y.o. especially since he's never competed in any competition.

    Joanna, makes you wonder what the tensile strength of that steel is, or when it would deform.

    Speaking of not being a teenager anymore, after today's workout stairs are fun.

  5. Holy hell, that was amazing! That kind of a performance was quite impressive. Plan on seeing him on the world stage soon.

  6. Holy cramoly!!! That was impressive. Im diggin "The Final Countdown" theme music they added. :)

    Here's an article for the ladies. Well, guys can read too if interested. It's called Beyond the Body.


  7. What's up, everyone? How are things down at CFSS?
    Hope everyone is making some serious progress down there.

    I have been hitting some linear progression strength training twice a week, and have made some nice gains after only three weeks. Other days I will make up my own CrossFit workouts, for example:
    15min AMRAP
    Hill Sprint (my home is on a very steep lot)
    30 KB Swings, 35#
    15 Push Ups
    60s Rest
    Got five rounds on this one. I've also been doing some running, hiking, and mountain biking. Hope you guys have been getting outside now that the weather is nice.

    To those doing the Warrior Dash, I will be there, time slot 12:30 on Sunday. Let me know what your plans are.

    That is a crazy video. Amazing what good genes and hard work can do. Very inspirational before my squats today.

  8. Paul: I lllllove the vid...had to go back & watch it again...yeah kinda amazing this thing the --human body--

    Have missed you guys terribly while outta town last week! I will see you tomorrow & the rest of the week!!!(my SSCF levels are totally sad & depleted, ready to refill:)

  9. Paul- being a teenager doesn't really help me so much, climbing stairs was also painful...not to mention gettin out of the car...