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Monday, April 5, 2010

5 rounds for time of:
40 Double Unders
30  Box Jumps, 24"
20 55 lbs. Kettlebell Swings

It is easy to stop during a workout to draw breath or rest.  What is hard is going for that next rep again and again. It takes determination and courage to do that. But going for that next rep is where results are found, it is where intensity is and it is what we love seeing. Today's WOD is a grind, keep moving on to that next rep even when you really want to stop.

Most people find the sport of rowing to be a little boring to watch.  That being said the rowing world's most famous race, The Boat Race, occurred Saturday morning where Cambridge (light blue) triumphed over Oxford (dark blue).  The Boat Race is held between the two crews over 4 and a quarter miles of the Thames tideway which is a long row. Cambridge had a slow start but held contact for the entirety of the race and eventually rowed through Oxford to win in the final half mile. If you've got a spare 18 minutes check out the full replay here.  Also, I think something with college basketball happened this weekend.
-Paul Siegel

Welcome to the gym Sarah and Dara, Nikki and Jeremy, were excited to have you guys at CFSS.

Awesome job today on your 7:36 "Cherry", Devon.  
For all those interested in the Tuna Jerky I'm selling, a 1oz bag goes for $3.00 and a 4 oz bag costs $6.00. I will have plenty at the gym everyday until I sell out. Make sure to bring cash or a check with you to the gym.


  1. Double unders followed up with box jumps.... That sounds fun.

  2. Chace "Ice Box" WheatonApril 5, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    Great job all you a.m.er's! Looks like a badass workout.

  3. yall, get in here and work ur d.u's!!

    yip yip yeeehhaaaw!

  4. Isa has an announcement to make...