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Saturday, April 3, 2010


KFC "Double Down". At first I thought this was a horrible April Fool's prank.  "Let's replace the bread in sandwich with two slabs of fried chicken, that sounds delectable" couldn't have possible made sense to even KFC.  This little sucker is designed to hit every pleasurable taste bud out there. And leave you wanting more. With everything I know and understand about nurtition there's a very remote place in my brain that thinks "Hey, that might be kinda good".  Make no mistake these are drugs, pure and simple.

Welcome to CFSS, Carmen. It's a pleasure having you train with us while in the ATL.
Congrats to Quinn, John, and Krissi on your first muscle-up yesterday.
Saturday Trail Runs at the River

te notice, I know, but tomorrow we will be embarking on our first weekly trail run. The idea is, summer is here, so let's take full advantage of all the trails by the Chattahoochee River. Every Saturday we will meet at a different park and go for a run together. Most of the trails are pretty diverse as far the difficulty level goes, so don't worry about your fitness level. Feel free to bring any friends and/or your dogs.

We will meet today at Sope Creek and start the run at 4:30. 

Directions from the gym:
Go north on Roswell rd.
Left on Johnsferry rd.
After you cross over the river turn left on Papermill rd.
About 1 1/2 miles after the bridge hang a left into the Sope Creek parking lot.

Hope to see you guys out there!
In observance of the Easter holiday there will no Sunday class.


  1. Way to go Krissi, I knew you'd get it soon!

  2. nice chace and nate! that looks like a legit photo from the 70's. where workin out and smokin went hand in hand.
    chace- drove past beaver creek on my way to boulder yesterday, they changed the name. its now called wolf creek. 3 weeks!!

  3. I'm so proud of you, Krissi!! I'm glad I got to see you do some!!!