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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Return of "THE SHERI"!!!!!!!! Welcome back, we sure have missed ya'.
Welcome to the grind Megan. Great form on the backsquat.
CFHQ Rest Day

Partner WOD
400m. Sprint
40 Hang Power Clean, 135/95lbs.
80 Box Jumps
120 Hip Extensions
160 Sit-ups
200 double Unders
Make-up Day

 As we look towards the end of the GCC, we need to start moving towards a diet that is sustainable ad infinitum. One of the best ways I've found is to go to an 80/20 system were 80 percent of the time you eat strict zone-paleo-primal-whatever, and the other 20 percent is given over for moderate indulgences outside of paleo.  The 20 percent is not license to go wild with carbs and grains, but certainly they are allowable in reasonable quantities. Ultimately we want to find a system that gives us the best health and performance while still letting enjoy some things in life.  What are you going to do to keep your diet in order after the GCC?
-Paul Siegel


  1. I love the Paleo way of eating and plan to continue with it...hopefully at least 80/20. I will have some dairy and occasionally some bread and a caipirinha here and there! The GCC has been fun and for some reason (diet?) I got 3 PRs yesterday!! Carol

  2. Welcome back Sheri!!! I like her!
    I'm going to get more serious these last 2 weeks... I checked last night and I haven't lost any weight. I've lost inches, which is good... But trust and believe, I'm fighting the home stretch here!

  3. Joanna- you probably gained some muscle!

  4. Long time no comment... Sheri! Sorry I missed you, you should come Friday! All of you should come Friday!

    Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and that the scale is never accurate. How do you feel, How do you look?

    Box Squat:

    Goat Work
    Negative Ring Dips
    Half-ROM GHD Situps

  5. Feel good, look good, check-check!

  6. Workout:

    5k Row: 23.40

    ...and I just made some delicious paleo sushi!!