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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A No No No squat has No knee wrap, No belt and No other equipment.
1 RM Back Squat
1 RM Press
1RM Deadlift
3 attempts at each lift for max weight.

There has been some questions as to the value of doing Total a mere two weeks before our performance testing. I would argue that there is plenty of value to doing Total. 2 weeks is more than enough time to recover fully from any fatigue accrued from this Total.   We also want to emphasize that Total is meant to be only 9 heavy lifts (3 Squats, 3 press, 3 deadlifts) which in the general scheme of thing is rather low level of stressor..  We don't expect everyone to PR every time we do Total. Think of it as just another heavy day rather than this do or die must perform event.
The reason most people PR for Total is that  beginners , and Crossfitters in general, are subject to what is called the Beginner effect.  Mark Rippetoe first noted this effect in training novices.  Novices are so far below their genetic potential when it comes to these lifts that it is reasonable to expect a new PR every time they lift. For Rippetoe's program, which is purely powerlifting, it is within 48 hours, for our purposes that extend from 72 hours-7 days depending of course on the what other workouts your doing and your ability to recover. So For rippetoe's program a beginner can squat 225x5 on Monday then she can squat 230x5 on Wednesday.  It is more complicated than that for Crossfitter's but can be much the same advances over a longer time frame.
What does not PR'ing on Total indicate? Merely that your ability to recover from the stresses of lifting (and the rest of our workouts) exceed a given time frame for that recover. If you're seeing significant falls off from any of your PR's (be they weightlifting or otherwise) it's a good indication to step back and take a look at: your recovery, your nutrition and your measured intensity.


  1. We are here in spite of the wheather....c'mon. Some great PRs reached today!

  2. I'm coming at 4 or 5pm - can't miss TOTAL!! Had an early meeting and had to miss this morning. I can't let David, Andy, Wade, Chris and other various studs get ahead of me...

  3. great day today...thanks Nate!

    Awesome job Carol...PR in every lift!!

  4. Wade, David & Andy - Nice job trying to pull out front like that. I showed up at 4pm and when I left I wrote 770 on the board. A new 30lb pr on my total. Maybe next time boys...

  5. Chad - nice job on the total today. 40lb PR for me, so I'm closing in on you.

    Thinking about doing Cindy tomorrow. Care to join me? That's if you're not too scared.

    Did you see the 800 total that Mike put up?

  6. I'm hoping we can make up Sunday's WOD (squats, ring handstand pushups, and L-pullups) tomorrow...

  7. Wade - dude YOU got a huge PR! way to go!

    I am def scared to do Cindy with you. You can do like double the rounds I can. Besides, I wrecked myself yesterday just trying to stay ahead of you some. Awesome progress you are making.

    Mike put up some huge numbers - I guess we'll be chasing him too. I can't even imagine getting near those Don numbers!

  8. Posted 780 on my first time through "Total". Pretty happy about that. Feeling it though...