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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watch till the end.

Rest 60 seconds between sets

I'd like to offer up a little thought I read the other day: It has taken you many years to get out of shape, do not expect a quick return to health. Often it is exactly proportional to how long you've been out of shape to how long it takes you to return to optimal fitness.


  1. boring day on the comment wire...:)

    Maybe everyone is depressed in knowing it's going to take 20+ years to get back in shape?

    Off to PHX - see ya'll in a few days.

  2. Yeah, things have been dyin' down with the comments. That leads me to believe people are fallin' off on the clean eating. How is everyone doing? We are approaching 2.5 weeks and this tends to be when peoples fervor dies down. Stay strong, it's always darkest before the dawn.

  3. Hey guys, I'm commenting live from class - I'm happy to say that my diet is going strong but my schedule has taken a beating and I'm not working out as often as I want to. need to find a way to get up early in the cold and make it. I'll see you guys tomorrow

  4. Has been slow on the boards. I've been too busy trying to cram down the enormous amounts of fruit and veggies to type.

    I'm pleased to say not only am I staying strong, I kicked it up a notch and have been doing strict zone WITH Paleo foods for the last few days. Really trying to hone in. Have spreasheets and everything. It's sick.

    I'm doin a modified version of The Zone based on Robb Wolf with more fat blocks in lieu of carbs though. (17-14-60 for those that Zone) Even with the low carb version I'm tearing through a pile of veggies and fruit every day. Feel good and like the clean eating though. My only cheat AT ALL is that I put a tsp of heavy cream in some decaf coffee one day...not even a sniff of anything else non-paleo.

    I have to say for only 2.5 weeks I feel and look better. Have lost weight & inches. I'm very excited to see how things will be after 6 weeks. I really want to be able to say that there is NOTHING else I could have done to be any fitter after 6 weeks of effort.

    Oh yea, I'm also working my arse off in the gym so surely that will help too.

  5. Great efforts Chad - sounds like you're on the winning track!

    Curious - what kinds of fruits and veggies are you eating?

  6. Valentine's weekend killed me! I indulged like a lazy, careless lush :-) But I'm back at it and very motivated! Kale chips are my new favorite snack. Everyone says I look better, I actually think it's due to a slimming hair cut I got... they have no idea what I ate this weekend!

  7. ... And the dude in a bikini on the CrossFit HQ website is disturbing!

  8. Thanks man! Here are my usuals - I buy big bags at Costco!

    Broccoli (steamed)
    Asparagus (good grilled with meat juices on the George Foreman)
    Zucchini (Fry it up with some Olive Oil!)
    Celery (Chopped up. Eat a ton - 4c day)
    Turnip roots (good for something different)
    Spinach (Go thru a pile of this - good w/ olive oil/vinagrette to make salads)
    Mixed greens (Costco has a huge tub of this for like $3.99)

    Apples (costco has great little bags of organic washed and PRESLICED apples in single serve bags. Easy to take along everywhere)

    Do your best to eat good while out on the road!

    Have you all heard of paleo kits? You can buy a many or few as you want and they are prepackaged jerky/fruit & nuts. The money goes to help young kids in the inner city of NJ. Heard a lot of about them on the main CF site.


  9. i just think we all are a bit tired...hard workouts and eating differently. i know my energy level has suffered, however, hoping it all ramps back up...did cheat over the weekend but not horribly. I think it is important to remember this is a process...and changes are not easily made overnight...or in a week or two. If I fall off for a day, or a moment, I try to not get frustrated and get back to eating clean without guilt.

    i was telling the girl who cuts my hair about our diet today...when she met me at the check out desk she told me I was "really thin" and perhaps needed to eat bread again...I took it as a compliment...ha

    damn...I would love to eat some bread...sigh

  10. by the way...that video is hysterical. never expected "watch it till the end" would result in what I saw.

  11. Sent the video to a buddy of mine. He replied:

    "The dog was getting his DAI out wasn't he?"