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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birdie, Wade and Andy
at the end.
Objects may appear smaller than they actually are.
For time:
50 Wallballs
25 L-pullups
40 Wallballs
20 L-pullips
30 Wallballs
15 L-pullups
20 Wallballs
10 L-pullups
Wallballs are 20/14 lbs.

Today is the approximate mid point of the Gut Check Challenge. We'd like everyone to check-in in the comments with how they're doing. Let us know, what you like about,what you've noticed about yourself or your workouts and any recipes you really like.
-Paul Siegel


  1. MMM. Eating a nice piece of pork ribs, apple, pear, celery, mac nuts and almonds.

    To our fearless trainers:

    What is the pot of loot up to now? Maybe that will motivate everyone to focus on the prize and finish line. Hard to believe it is halfway done.

    Stats now of who is in each competition and what the purse is for each...??

  2. I wish I was that strong!...pretty sure that's Wade though

  3. That didn't look like you, Isa!

  4. Pauly, that's Birdie, Andy and Wade.

    I want to let yall know I went 5 weeks completely strict on Paleo and got phenominal results. My energy was getting a little flat so I've added 2 servings of complex carbs back in. Oatmeal in the am and brown rice with lunch. I've kept my fat intake doubled and still staying tight on all other fronts. I was having some trouble getting enough calories. Anyhoooo, feeling much better!

  5. Great info Nate and helps to hear your experience. I have considered actually adding in just some oatmeal in the morning just to experiment. I still feel a little low on steam sometimes.

    One thing this challenge is teaching me is not be afraid to try more/less calories, different proportions, more fat, etc. It is helping me really learn what works for MY particular body so this has been a good learning tool. To get my zone blocks in, it sure would be easier with a little oatmeal post workout instead of so much fruit. Even cutting down to 13 block of carbs is still a crap pile of veggies and fruit to eat.

    Nate - what do your zone blocks look like?

  6. Been a while since measuring but probably 16 total blocks and double the fat especially now since experimenting with paleo...4,2,4,2,4.

  7. Sorry 'bout that. All fixed up.

    That is one of favorite pictures with Becky and Russ. It's a little surreal to see them do wallball next to each other.

    I'd check out "42 ways to skin the Zone" by Robb Wolf. It should be available in the Performance Menu. If you'd like I can send you the Robb Wolf nutrition collection from his seminar. got some really solid info in there, might make it easier on yourself than chocking down 4 cups of celery.

    Power Snatch 1 RMx 120
    Wasn't feeling any more than that today. Knee was acting up in the cold as well.

    It goes pretty well, I do deviate slightly from time to time. I'm a solid 80/20 though and I'm pretty okay with that. I've also gotten away entirely from beer.

  8. Good article on Robb Wolf (http://robbwolf.com/2009/08/22/laura-demarco-the-whole-enchilada)regarding a local CrossFitter (Laura DeMarco/CrossFit RX) that had dramatic strength gains after adopting the Paleo diet:

    "I switched overnight and completely to a Paleo way of eating. No grains, beans or dairy. Animal protein at every meal. LOTS of fat.

    So here’s where it gets fun. I started making progress in my workouts. Real, measurable and out-of-the-ordinary progress. Keep in mind I changed NOTHING but my nutrition...

    This year has been a whirlwind for me. I was able to come in 3rd place at the Dirty South Qualifiers as well as place 14th female overall for the 2009 CrossFit Games, and I credit Robb Wolf and his nutrition cert for a good portion of those accomplishments. I believe that successful athletes, especially those of us over 30, are made from simple, high quality Paleo foods. Gluten, grains, beans and similar Neolithic foods have proven to me to be detrimental to health and athletic performance."

  9. I'm having trouble eating enough protein, but I'm feeling great. It's a good experience and I think it is something I will do after the Gut Check Challenge.....maybe I will have some cheese and a bit of bread occasionally. As far as workouts, I haven't noticed any real change (I was bad before and I'm still bad)!!! I'm anxious to see what the BodPod says! Carol Davis

  10. I feel fantastic! I finished the on-ramp at CFSS about 2 months ago and started the Paleo diet for Gut Check Challenge. Below are just some of the changes I have noticed (and my wife and family has noticed). I don't know if these changes are due to my diet, CF workouts, or both.

    (1) Tremendous increase in energy. All day long energy, both mentally and physically.
    (2) No headaches. I used to get headaches almost daily.
    (3) Managing stress better.
    (4) Daily gains in workouts.
    (5) Weight loss!
    (6) HAPPIER!

    I will definitely continue eating Paleolithic beyond the Gut Check Challenge.

    Thanks to Nate, Chase, Jon, Paul, and my CF peers for their training, advice, and encouragement.

  11. @Paul - Thanks yes I would love that other info. Please email to cperry@rjgriffin.com

    I did purchase the 42 ways to skin the zone and read it over the weekend. It was very helpful and I did sub some carbs for fat blocks so it helped. Even cutting down the carb blocks, I realized just how little veggies I really was eating. I was living off of mostly meat and nuts!

    I had a 7am meeting and missed the wod this morning and likely working late tonight. Have another early meeting tomorrow! Arg. Don't clients know I'm in a challenge here....???!!!!!

  12. Chad, Made a big jump in the carb intake did ya? That's like 140g per day instead of the 40 you were averaging before. I would try sweet potatoes over oatmeal post-WOD, if you don't like sweet potatoes maybe regular potatoes, or rutabaga if you like that. The gluten in oatmeal might cut into the gains you have been seeing.

  13. Too bad on the oatmeal since I don't like sweet potatoes. What are some recipes to fix them up so I might like them?

  14. the photo of becky and russ is hilarious! russ can nearly reach up and touch the box!