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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chris finishing an excellent Push Press on Day 2.
Alicia on Day 2
Cassandra on Day 2
Jessica finished her on-ramp this morning. Expect to see her in normal classes very soon!

5 rounds for time of:
500m row
135 lbs. power clean 12 reps
95 lbs. thruster 15 reps

please try and come on time, and if at all possible early, this one may take awhile.
This next part is addressed to those of you who are not doing a strict paleo/zone lock-down. If you are please disregard the below.

We ask for at least an 80/20 effort in regards to the diet. Which means that 80% of the time your diet is clean and healthy, that other twenty precent can be allocated to moderate indiscretions. Perhaps a few chips at lunch, an extra glass of wine every now and then. Bear in mind we are not asking you to be pinched abstentious hair shirt zealots. We are asking you to watch your diet and be healthy, but we also ask you to live normal lives. And normal lives involve an occasional carb intake, an occasional beer and even perhaps a little bit of sugar.
After these lapses we do not expect you to come and submit to penance, to "work off" extra calories (but really to expunge yourself of guilt that is unwarranted) even if it was that easy. If you ere, which is after all a human fault, enjoy it and move on.

-Paul Siegel


  1. The blonde looks like she's jumping for the freaking Olympics!!! Great form girl. Is she single, cause she is hot!

  2. The push press is my fav workout, it really engages all of my muscles. That guy in the white shirt has really long arms. How tall is he? He looks great though, so keep it up big man cause it only gets harder!

  3. So the 2nd day was a lil easier than the 1st(Running still sucks though)
    The Push Press is funky for me right now, can't seem to get my form right (still lots of practice to come) And I'm watching all the videos to see how to do it correctly!
    Thanks for giving me the smaller box to jump on, cause Alicia was FLYING!!! Can't wait to get in on today, push it harder......I'm sure I'll change my mind right in the middle of my workout! Love you guys.

  4. Cassandra, you and Alicia are doing fantastic! We are so very proud of your decision to change your life style and be ur best! Chris, awesome work last night, same to ya!

    Can't believe we get paid to coach this stuff....lovin it!

  5. Craig, just read your post yesterday. Dude, comments like that are so very rewarding for us to hear. Like I told Birdie, there's nothing more fullfilling than feeling like we make a difference.

    Thank you man!

  6. Welcome new people!!! And thanks for the blessing Father Paul...

  7. Ditto what Nate said, can't wait till y'all come up to the normal classes so I get a chance to work with all of you.

    Sitting at home, watching curling, eating apples and almond butter. pretty darn tasty. Good so far today.

    Row 1 min on/1 off x10

    2638m 1:53.7 30 SPM.
    off distance 839m.

    These are a lot of fun, intervals are just rough when you're doing them but you feel pretty good once you're done. And it shows how hard you can pull when you need to.

  8. Man that 1 min/off row you had me do was a great one Paul. With the squats and that row I haven't been able to walk for 2 days!