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Monday, February 15, 2010

Rest Day

Make Up Day

In effort to balance the serious with the light ( at CFSS we try to do all things with moderation) and because Valentine's Day was yesterday I present The Oatmeal's 6 Reasons Bacon is Better than True Love. May not be Work or Family Safe.

Watch the above video and check out the comic, consider and post thoughts to comments.


  1. I think Oliver's ideas, while sound, ignore the socio-economic and socio-political reality of what he's trying to solve. Until you make cheap, nutritious healthy food available to everyone, it is mainly the well to do that will eat locavore, paleo, or organic. The movie "Food Inc" also explores this some what. If it is indeed lack of Funds rather than lack of education, that is another hurdle that must be crossed. I applaud his efforts to educate and instruct the children.

    I love bacon. But I'm single so I may be biased.

  2. FYI - CrossFit Games Georgia Sectional Feb 27-28 at Stone Mountain


  3. You guys should get a team together for the sectionals comp. It's not for the Cali comp, it's more for fun and it's just a fun way to come enjoy the sectionals!

  4. Defo not coming in today. My abs are completely wrecked from Stephen yesterday. My hamstrings are messed too, but they don't even compare to my abs. Holy moly.

  5. Curtis - I'm feeling your pain today!

    More so in my hamstrings, but my abs are tender as well.

  6. Curtis, Wade, I'm glad you guys enjoyed your Valentine's day gifts.

    Today - Total, finally hit the 700 mark. (240/135/325). Felt pretty great.
    Saturday - Went for a nice trail run through the snow at the river. Beautiful.

    Had my first enormous cheat on Sunday, went to a friend's house for dinner and had lasagna and a few beers. Definitely have some gluten intolerance. My head got extremely congested while I was eating.
    Saturday I downed about 4000 calories, clean, and I felt awesome on Sunday, completely restored from my run. Gonna try to eat more as long as I'm hungry.