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Friday, February 12, 2010

Saturday 2/13/2010


We are closed Saturday due to the weather.
Go make a snow angel.

Sunday class will be at 10AM.


  1. Man I'm sore from that tough week. Def need a couple days of rest and recovery.

    Jonathan - I started eating my fruit this weekend. We'll see how that works out this coming week and how my weight goes.

  2. Hit the dead lift workout this afternoon. Felt good to pick up something heavy.

    1 225 x 5
    2 255 x 5
    3 275 x 5
    4 285 x 5
    5 295 x 5
    6 300 x 5
    7 302.5 x 3

    Equipment - jock, Converse All-Stars. No chalk

    Is the gym open on Sunday?

  3. Salmon-zucchini fritters for breakfast... YUM-O!

  4. Now YOU are weird Joanna...!!

  5. Hit the deadlift WOD at Crossfit North Atlanta on Sat. Good workout and met some fellow ATL firebreathers. Always impressed with the great people in the crossfit community...none more so than CFSS...

    1 275x5
    2 315x5
    3 350x5
    4 375x5
    5 400x5

  6. A mushroom cloud appeared over my paleo-hopes this weekend. I won't even go into it.

    I'm absolutely not claiming to be strict - but I can tell it's not good when I overload on carbs now.

    Don - glad to hear you visited CFNA - that's where CrossFit started for me...I used to live less than 1/4 mile from that spot.

    CFSS is the bestm though. Chace, Nate, Paul - top notch guys. Jonathan...?

    Kidding, Jonathan, kidding. You da man. And I'm gonna get you that squirrel...

  7. Thank you Chad, I made them with almond meal!!