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Friday, February 26, 2010

Five rounds for max reps of:
2/3 Body Weight Thruster

Score is total reps for each exercise in all rounds.

Shameless self promotion: There will be Friday afternoon classes. 4, 5 and 6 p.m. I promise that it will be fun, informative and exciting! 

If you are especially sore (and after this week who wouldn't be?) don't be put off by coming in.  We can set-up a workout that'll work for you. Or do some light aerobic and mobility work that will help you get back into fighting shape quicker.  One of the logical fallacies of training is that often the quickest way to alleviate soreness is to train some more.  So come on in.


  1. Amen Paul. Thanks for setting up my special wuss workout this morning - just what I needed. 4 hard days in a row this week wrecked me so the active rest was nice. At least I got some skills work in and feel much better now. Maybe I'll do a light 5k run this weekend?

    Time to eat a big pile of paleo food again - gotta go.

  2. I plan on doing today's WOD, but I'm gonna need a date with the foam roller prior.

    On a nerdy note, I got share a lot about CrossFit in my MBA Marketing class last night. We were discussing Harley Davidson and the brand community that has built around it. The prof asked if we knew of any other brands like this...my hand immediately shot up. I could have talked for days about it, but I decided to spare my classmates somewhat. CrossFit is an excellent example of a community that has been built around a brand of shared ideals, experiences, and a sense of belonging. We have a product that never changes (iron will be iron), but ultimately it is the service CrossFit provides that keeps us coming back. The challenge and empowerment of lifting things we didn't think we could, and the fact that we all help each other get through it. We have badges of honor (first pullup, ripped palms, shin scrapes) that further bond us into the culture. Little traditional marketing has to be done because we, as CrossFitters, are brand warriors who spread the love via word of mouth.

    Everyone kind of looked at me like I was nuts, which I am used to. But that is the glory of it, our seemingly crazy passion is what creates intrigue in others.

    - Mackenzie

  3. I like it because there's lots of chalk....but that's just me.


  4. Hey Andy - I think Nate was on to our stalling techniques today. We'll have to come up with something different next time.

  5. Amen Mackmo! Great analogy. I think we should be crossfitters on black harley's with our black CFSS shirts. We'd be a bad ass gang! Don would probably have fun backsquating our bikes too...

  6. Have you all heard of the warrior dash? Here is a link. Several people I know are doing it.

    You run 3 miles and do some crazy obstacle course along the way. After you eat huge turkey legs (paleo) and drink a ton of beer (non paleo)

    Might be fun for a group to do it from CFSS???


  7. Chad... my hubby and I want to do it... Sounds like fun!

  8. I am already registered for it...

  9. Cool! Jonathan are going Saturday? I think they only have Sunday available if registering now.

    Would be cool to all meet up there and do it with our CFSS shirts on (OFF for the party after of course ha ha. Hope I'm cool to go shirtless by May :-)!

    All of us covered in mud and jumping through fire would make for great pictures for the blog!

  10. I'm registered for Warrior Dash on Sunday at 2:30.

  11. I'm totally in for the Warrior Dash!! Are we all gonna shoot for 2:30 on Sunday?