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Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 RM Snatch
Ten Minute time limit, not including Warm-up

Is it interesting to think of the difference between those who exercise and those who consider themselves athletes. An exerciser is aimless in their goals and exercises. They read Muscle and Fiction constantly bouncing from program to program looking for little gains but never committing fully to any program. And ultimately they give up what little advances they've made.

An athlete treats their health as a serious undertaking. Carefully planning and testing protocols and ultimately putting in the time and hardship to accomplish their goals. I would urge all of you to consider yourselves athletes, you have ( or should have set) goals and you put in many many hours of very hard work. Treats yourselves as such. Keep a weather eye on your recovery and nutrition. Sleep and take time off when you need it. Read and learn from many sources. Treat it all with skepticism. Have a plan and stick to it!
-Paul Siegel

Sunday class will be at 11:00


  1. Oh no, the girl scout cookies were delivered today. Must resist......

  2. What time is the workout tomorrow??

  3. Tomorrow's WOD is going to be BRUTAL! Can't wait!

    Been doing perfect on my food this weekend despite many opportunities for some really good junk I'd love to tear into. I'm on my 8th day of Zone/paleo now and I think I finally have it dialed in. Doing 17-11-36 based on Robb Wolf recommendations. Thanks for the great articles that helped Paul!! I have great energy, my mood is stable and the scale started dropping again so it has helped me keep moving. Down 8lbs on the scale so far! Woot!

    I've caught a sickness. I found myself doing handstand pushups outside against my truck this weekend. Also practiced my double unders and watched a ton of videos on the site www.againfaster.com. Awesome tutorials. Thanks for that one too Paul!

    How is everyone else coming along? Can't believe how fast the challenge is going. I'm itching to hit it hard this week with ya'll.

  4. The workout tomorrow is the wildest thing I've ever seen before! (Too bad I'll be working late... Chad's a slave driver, haha!) I enjoyed the Battle of the Sexes Team Challenge "Chinese Firedrill" today... except it took 45 minutes to coordinate the logistics. But it reminded me of summer camp!! I'm feeling good and enjoying the steak and veggies, etc. But I have no idea what I weigh... ignorance is bliss!

  5. Poor Joanna... I'm hard on MYSELF so imagine how bad I am to HER...

    When I walk by her desk and see a non-paleo food item on her plate I make her do 100 burpees and then throw her bread in the trash.

  6. Chad, the neighborhood HOA is concerned about your driveway workouts disturbing little children... please control yourself or prepare to pay a fine!

  7. ...but all their hot moms standing around were VERY impressed.