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Friday, January 8, 2010

Mother and son team, Kat and Jon, racing through the first 500m. of the "Chubby Ribeye".
Chad on the back end of the same workout. Great job everyone.

Power Clean
Let's talk about muted hip function, particularly relevant for today's movement: Power Clean. Muted hip becomes important in the landing position of the power clean. Ideally that position would look like an above parallel air or front squat. A solid and significantly stable position from which to stand all the way up. However what often goes wrong in this is that the hip shoots forward so that a straight line drawn from the knee goes through the hip and to the shoulders. This puts in an inordinate amount of stress on the knees particular the bottom of the patella. How to fix this? Make sure when you land you land on your heels. And stick your butt out. This position strikes a great balance between the anterior and posterior chain as well as being safe for all your joints. Add a stable midline into the equation and you're golden.


  1. What's up 6am-ers? Ya'll are really that scared of the snow?

  2. For real be careful out there, it is a little icy. but seriously, what's up?!?!

  3. Up in woodstock my neighborhood is really iced over and no way I can get out yet. Probably a good thing since my legs can't move after the chubby ribeye...

  4. yo! the chubby ribeye? great work out! sorry we missed that one. thanks everyone for lettin us borrow chace for a week. we had a great time with him, and the dude took to snow boarding like he was born to do it. seriously, we have pics of him hitting sweet jumps. hope you guys stay warm!

  5. Yesterday
    Clean & Jerk - 160x1x3,135x3x1
    Snatch - 105x1

    Ye Olde Chubby Ribeye

    Damn that was a tough workout, still feel exhausted to this moment.

  6. Power Clean:
    98x1, kinda got the hang of it after a while, felt like I could've done more but had already done 8.

  7. Ryan, hit me with the snowboard pics of Chace. Just confirmed the BodyMetrics (Bod-Pod) bodyfat tester for Jan.30 for our challenge. Paul will hit yall with all the details for our 45 day challenge.

    Paul, what up with putting the same pic up as yesterday??

    P-cleans today, # not worth posting, yesterday wallball hell w r e c k e d me...

  8. It was such a good pic of me he just couldn't resist...

  9. Soo psyched for the paleo challange!!

  10. me too! I went to the vet today and she said Alley was overweight. I cant wait for her to start the diet!

  11. I will have it know that I don't put the pictures up, just the written content.
    occasionally I'll write the captions but that is rare. I will not stand for slander!

    Deadlifts and Fran tomorrow.