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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Atlanta Renegades rugby player Blake Johnson hitting (D-4) of the CFSS onramp program.

Pauly messin up "Elizabeth" yesterday.

Chad crushing through the last peice of "Chubby Ribeye"


Rest Day



"The Chubby Ribeye"

Row 500 meters
30 burpees
30 DB push press (80lbs.)
30 goblet squats (70lbs.)
30 pullups
30 box jumps (20 in.)
200 ft. overhead walking lunges (45lbs.)

Scaling is an alchemical science. By that I mean that it is more of an art than a science. In scaling there are ultimately only two variables we can work with: reps and weight. Take yesterdays WOD for example. Total reps for that is 250 wallballs at 20 lbs. and 125 pullups. Anyway you slice its a lot of reps. The goal with this workout was muscular fatigue, shown by having to break up the wallball, and around a 20-25 minute time to completion.

To scale this we'll pick a number of reps based primarily on a given person's perceived abilities and strength. After this we'll look at the intent of the workout, whether the point is to power through or to reach muscular exhaustion and have to rest. Since we don't design the workouts we often have to guess at the intent, something we're pretty good at. So yesterdays WOD could have been scaled to around 150-175 reps of 14 or 20 lbs. Wallball with 100-75 pullups depending of course on the individual. Ideally this scaling would enable an average crossfitter to achieve the same time as a fire breather who does it as prescribed (RX).

However there is one variable which we have no control over is your intensity. You can go as hard or as easy as you want, truly. We'd obviously prefer if you went as hard as you could. That's the whole key to the system, that's the whole point. Can you be going faster with the workouts we give you?


  1. Nate,
    What's the CFSS WOD today?
    See you guys later! Have a great day!And...stay warm!

  2. don't blame me. Chace came up with this one.

  3. Wow that Chubby Ribeye was TOUGH this morning! Feel awesome now that I'm done but lookout you all.

  4. Nate, I thought so...when in doubt, blame Chace! =)

  5. Where was everybody yesterday? I refuse to do todays workout as I have run out of advil and painkillers

  6. Chace's workouts make Coach Glassman's look like wuss workouts... That 70lb goblet squat had Chace written all over it. Man it's hard to breath on those.

  7. This snow is beautiful. We'll be here tonight unless it gets ridiculous so come on.

    Chuck and I hit yesterdays: 50 wallball/25pullups (5rds)= 23:38

    Arguously fantastic! (yeah Paul I know I dun spelt that wrong)