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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Becky and Carl. We're never really sure how Becky gets so much chalk on her during a WOD. An impressive performance none the less.
Coach J, muscle up badass

5 rounds for time of:
50 Wallball Shots 20 lbs/14 lbs.
25 Pullups

Just a quick reminder We're trying to do a family style dinner on Thursdays at one of Sandy Springs many fine establishments. This week is Teela Taqueria, home to delicious Taco's and cheap margarita's (which can be made Paleo!) we'll leave at 7 p.m. sharp from the gym. So come to Thursday six o'clock class if you'd like or meet us there.

Which brings me to today's discussion point: Crossfit is Community. Our particular brand of fitness attracts a certain sort of person and these people inevitably enjoy much the same type of things and enjoy talking about them. And community grows from there. What other gym have you been to where people hang out and actually talk after their workouts are done? Where else can you proudly display Noah's hand print on Karin's butt? Certainly not at your local globo-gym. Nor much of anywhere else I imagine.

Perhaps it is not that we are like minded in our pursuit of fitness but rather it is the camaraderie that only shared suffering can build and foster. It might be the respect that this camaraderie engenders. Or it might be because y'all are just so cool. Either way come meet and eat this Thursday. Even if you haven't been in in a long while.
-Paul Siegel


  1. Thanks for the great posting, Paul!!

  2. rest day for me and btw, yall supposed to be puttin up ur times/weights/feedback on the WODS, c'mon.

    oh yeah and GET IN HERE, this one is epic!!!!

  3. How else are you suppose to get up on those rings...chalk! I even managed to get huge bruses on my triceps...should of put chalk there! lol

  4. this one...scaled, have me on the verge of pukie after round 2. had to stop after 4rds. Went outside at one point - but held it in. had the smokers been out there - i would have made myself hurl...just to see their faces.

    gotta get back into my groove, and I'm excited about upcoming nutrition stuff. 2010 is the year I'm going to work on dialing in my diet.

  5. 5 rounds is 4 rounds too many.
    "Ave, Nate, morituri te salutant"
    (Hail, Nate, those who are about to die salute you)

  6. 85x5x3 Press

    Stronger here than I was. missed 95x1 a few weeks ago.


    115 Power Clean
    Ring Dip Blue

    Oy Vey. I liked this one.