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Saturday, January 9, 2010



95 lbs. Thruster

Pull ups

Life is about progression; advancement from one moment to the next. We must always move forward. This is also true in Crossfit.
Most everyone has some scaling when they first start, I know I did and still do! However the very term "scaling" implies that there are places to advance and skills to be gained. These advances aren't easy. That first workout when you switch from a green band to a blue band is tough. And you will be sore. But it is an advancement.
The goal is ultimately to be able to do everything as prescribed by CFHQ. But this is an arbitrary standard, your goal should be self created. Whether it's your first strict pullup ('cause we want to have one of those before we get into kipping pullups) or push-ups off your knees or a full depth Overhead Squat. You need to be advancing, however slowly, towards that goal. As always ask any of us how to get there.

-Paul Siegel

Sunday class is at 11:00


  1. Hey,

    What time is the gym going to be open on Sunday?

  2. hey wade...i believe there is only one class on sunday and it begins at 11:00.