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Friday, December 18, 2009

Noah, Jarrett and Curtis in the middle of "Vilas". I re-wrote this sentence 5 times and there is no way not to make it awkward sounding. So, yeah.
Georgia rolling on the 20" box.

Turn your volume down and wait till the very end.
(Chace has informed me this is from a movie. Way to kill the magic.-PAS)

Rest Day


Make Up Day



My father is a wonderful baker. He can turn out an excellent carrot cake but his talents extend far and wide, especially in this holiday season. This past weekend we made fruitcakes and stollen, a German yeast bread with candied fruits. These delectable treats sit out on the counter, permeating the air with delicious smells. Am I strong enough to not eat these treats? No, no way in hell. I'm going to have more than one slice and I'm going to enjoy it. What you may ask does this have to do with Crossfit, performance nutrition and leading a successful life?

Part of enjoying life is making sure that you take some time away from dieting, working out and daily stress. Enjoy time with your family, eat the fruitcake and don't worry about the calories. The holidays are a busy time of the year and sometimes its hard to get into the gym; workout if you can, when you can. Most importantly don't get to caught up if you slip up or don't make it to the gym. It is nothing to dwell on.
-Paul Siegel


  1. Keep it up, Paul. You'll hit a Pulitzer one of these days.Love the blog! Excellent posting! See you Monday! :-)

  2. Really wanted to share with y'all how big of a deal for me was to get up on the "big red"(box)today. It feels like I climbed Mount Everest. It felt awesome. Thank you Nate for the amazing support and the picture, I'll cherish it forever! Thank you all for making this such a wonderful place to be! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Congratulations Georgia!

    Worked blowed up on me today - have to miss the gym. Will try to make it in tomorrow AM.

    Done traveling for the year - so I'll see you guys next week some.

  4. I walked in and saw Don and Russ motionless and speechless. Thats how awesome/horrid my eponymous workout was. It left you with a taste of metal in your mouth. Remind me never to make fun of Nate again. (Atleast for 24 hours)

  5. GA! That is fantastic. Great job :) What an amazing feeling!!!

  6. Thanks GA.

    Vilas, you got to leave more upbeat comments, that was a great workout and you did very well. They taste of metal just means you worked extra hard.

    Started off today with intention of doing 5x5 backsquat. Scaled back to 3x5 'cause of some knee problems. Essential my right leg is stronger than my left. Which means in a squat I always favor it. Which is not good.

    195x5x3 back squat

    then one legged squats to a box and RDL's with 45x10x3. Started getting the Elvis. My have to do the Rippetoe Squat Therapy Program.

  7. GA, thats incredible that you made it to the red box. Great job! thanks paul for the vote of confidence.