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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kiersten in the middle of yesterdays workout.
Ray, of our on-rampers, working through Day 3. Ray and Blake are champion powerlifters and coming along quite well in the on ramp. Most on-rampers wouldn't have done this workout with 165 lbs. on the bar. Nice form, Ray!

Squat Clean

squat cleans are as much technique based as they are strength based. Sure you can muscle some heavy weight up there (well I can't but some of you can) but ultimately with sterling technique you'll be able to move more weight easier. Squat Clean start in a position similar to the dead lift, lifted slowly to the hang and then exploded upwards. When the bar reaches it apogee, ideally at this point the lifter dives under the bar and catches at the rock bottom of the squat with a tight core. At this point the lifter racks the bar on her shoulders like in a front squat. Stand up. Now you've down a squat clean.

A few nutrition tips:

If you're trying to do paleo now is a great season to stock up on nuts and various other essentials Grocers put out bulk nuts for baking now which can be frozen quite easily. I bought a pound each of walnuts, pecans and almonds for $13. Any other time of the year, and outside Costco, it would have been much more than that.
Speaking of, Costco can be a paleo-ites mecca. I highly recommend the flash frozen salmon, tilapia and other fish. This works great for singles or families. Each filet is individually vacuum sealed and frozen. Toss 'em in a sink of cold water they'll defrost in an hour or two. Perfect to be doused with any number of marinades, rubs and spices. Much of the same can be said for any of the quantities of meat that can be found at costco. Knowing how to freeze and/or process foods can save you quite a bit of money.

Speaking of cuts of meat, I'm going to recommend a spiral cut ham. For around $25 you can get at least 7 pounds of healthy, relatively lean meat. It works for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not that I'd recommend it for all meals but you know there it is. Stock your larder with healthy foods and you'll be forced to eat healthy food.

Another great find in Costco is that it has pretty decent fruit and vegetables in quantities that boggle the mind ("3 lbs. of Asparagus, well sure"). This and your local supermarket may be the only place you can really find fresh fruit and vegtables in the winter, but make sure to check out your neighborhood for a farmer's market or farm stans. I have no science to prove it, but local food grown to a local schedule instead of push processed in hot house 1000 miles away has got to better for you. If anything I'm pretty sure it taste better. And often it is cheaper (tax free!) than it commercial relatives. Eat with the season, eat locally, eat healthy.

-Paul Siegel


  1. Yesterdays' squatters are....
    A - Lacey
    B - Blake
    C - AJ

  2. Thanks for the element comment anonymous. So I was completely wrong on the squatters yesterday.

  3. haha nate, care to guess who I am?

  4. I found something most interesting: before I made the mistake of meeting Nate, I used to have a happier life doing bootcamp (operation bootcamp) as it was called. I just found out that their main head quarters - where the former atlanta kick boxing center used to be is now going to be called AK Crossfit - coming soon in january 2010! (Akcrossfit.com) I even saw a picture of my old bootcamp trainer moving what looked like gym equipment.. wow!