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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nice front squat Andy, knees tracking over toes, back straight, elbows high and tounge out.

Christopher finding the chalk.

CFHQ-rest day

CFSS-make up day
"Metabolic Sandwhich"
Row 800 meters
(5 rounds of these)
5 pullups
10 wallball (20lbs.-14lbs.)
15 situps
Run 800 meters

Speaking of sandwiches let's talk a little bit about nutrition. The two diets we most often recommend are the Zone and Paleo, what both these diets have in common are an attempt to regulate insulin through carbohydrate control and an attempt to decrease inflammation.

We first have to understand the basic breakdown of carbs in the body:
Carbohydrates->Glucagon->Insulin response->Fat Storage
This occurs after the body has taken whatever energy the body needed, the energy provide from carbohydrate is usually pretty low. Once the body no longer can use the carbohydrates it triggers a Insulin response. Insulin is primarily a fat storage hormone. It triggers the unused carbohydrates to be stored as fat to be needed at a later date. We can see where this goes wrong when all we eat are carbs. The body takes what it needs and stores the rest. This is mainly why we ask people to eliminate refined carbs (bread, grains,etc.) from their diet. However we cannot take all carbs from the body, the body will enter a state called "Rabbit Starvation" in which an excessive consumption of lean meats without other nutrients cause the body to break down.

Inflammation is another area that both the Zone and Paleo try to control. Robb Wolf, formerly Crossfit's golden boy of nutrition, has argued that grains and gluten in particular cause a low level Celiac response that disrupts the bodies. The same can be said for legumes, dairy and nightshades (eggplant, tomatoes, etc.) which is why they aren't recommend in the Paleo prescription. The zone recommends fish oil and a high level of Omega-3's as an anti-inflammatory pre-caution. The less you are inflamed the better you will perform.

What does all this science mean to you, what's the bottom line? Take out grains from your diet, right now. Try one meal today completely grain free. Take your fish oil, it's ridiculously cheap, cuts down on inflammation and has a host of other benefits.


  1. Awww that's soo cute!
    Looks like a good one, can't wait!

  2. Ooooooohhhhh, the FRONT of my tights! Andy, the execution of that post could'nt have been timed better. Nice!

    Thought you'd like that pic Isa.

    11/26 HQ AMRAP(situps instead of GHD) = 15 rounds

    Becky, the magic rope completely failed me. Had to use red one..

  3. By failed, Nate means he broke it...

  4. BROKE IT?! Please tell me this is not true? We have to get a new one asap!

    15 rounds?? DAMN, you beat me! haha

    See you fools in the AM :) YAY

  5. no, that was another rope of aaaalll the different ropes that i desperately grabed hoping to help my double-unders today.