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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daughter and Father (Isa and Eric) rowing through the Metabolic Sandwich
KBird showing an excellent front squat with an odd object.

That's Nate's vest and it says: "N8 has a huge head".

"One Armed Frannie"
Reps of 15-2-9:
60 lb. Dumbbell Thruster Left
60 lb. Dumbell Thruster Right
"One arm" weighted pullup right arm (left hand grabs right wrist) 60lbs

"One arm" weighted pullup left arm (right arm grabs left wrist) 60lbs

"I don't know what they call it, all I know is the sound it makes when it kills a man"
-Tropic Thunder

Don't forget the Lumberjack Memorial WOD this Saturday. Class times will be normal. Please bring donations for the fallen soldiers families.

Let's talk about the Black Box today. There are two meanings to this title. The first is a conditioning program developed by Micheal Rutherford, the second is a much more philosophical position. a black box essential means that you take an input and you get a specific output. What happens in the middle, or in the Black Box, doesn't really matter. What matters is that that specific output is what you want. Take diet for example. You should always be experimenting with your diet, and ultimately the programming too. But let's take a moment to look at nutrition: There is no way that your nutritional needs are essentially constant day to day. So say you take in a little more fat one day, and the outcome is that you feel better, have more energy and PR on a WOD. This is a favorable outcome, so you try adding a little more fat to your diet. Say you try the same thing with Carbs, and you feel lethargic, bloated and have no energy. Obviously this outcome is bad. So don't do it.

What happens in the middle is not really that important, it is profoundly interesting to know at least for exercise geeks like me, but really not that important for my performance. This can be extended to life, I'm not really sure what goes on in my computer but I know that it works. What I'm trying to go for here is to not get bogged down in the program's the whys and the what's. All I know is that it works.
-Paul Siegel

*Corrections: HQ updated the workout after the morning sessions had finished. Pullups are now weighted. Yesterdays post on Nutrition: Glucagon should have been glucose. And Insulin is not primarily a fat storage hormone. It is a storage hormone and fat is one of those things it stores. This is an incredibly simplified view of what Insulin does. Look here for more. Thanks to Jonathan for pointing those out.


  1. Haha Chace...you just always happen to get me at my best moments, don't you?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. "This can be extended to life, I'm not really sure what goes on in my computer but I know that it works."

    Haha, sounds like our convo last night was inspirational, Paul!

    Thanks for letting me come check out y'all's gym this morning and for those pointers on the thrusters! Since you're all of three minutes from my apartment, I'm sure you'll be seeing me again. And I hope to see you guys climbing once we get back into a routine.

  4. As of today, I am quitting crossfit and investing in this.

  5. I hate one armed pullups. Scaled this one way back, thanks to Jon for the suggestions.

    ~17 something.

    Green band and 30 lbs.Oy. Good to be back.

    Thanks for coming on over Becka.