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Monday, November 30, 2009

This is going to be our Hip Mobility warm-up. Study it, know it, love it!

Front Squat


We know it's short notice but we're going to raise money for Lumberjack Crossfit which lost 4 members and had 11 wounded in the Fort Hood attacks. Donations can be given at the gym and we'll be accepting them for the next 2 weeks.

The blog has been spotty at best, lately. In effort to improve the content of this site I'd like suggestions for what you guys want to see on the blog. It's fun hearing myself talk about what I think is important but it's ultimately about y'all out there. Do you want nutrition information, lifting advice or psychology? Let me know in comments and you'll probably see it up here.


  1. Nutrition advice is always needed for me. You have a good mix of variety already though. Can you knock the donuts out of my hand from your end of the blog?

    I think it's cool to link to other good info that we might not find on our own. Feel free to link/plagiarize from other CF type sites if you think it can help us. (Robb Wolf/Byers/CF forums, etc)

    Keep up the great blogging Paul!

  2. I like the blog - and think it's good to see all kinds of stuff...More Pictures!

    I think I'm coming back tomorrow - crossing my fingers. The back is better - but I'm trying to get rid of a cold. Hope to see you all tomorrow AM - and if I do, know that I'm going to wreck it up!

  3. I agree Chris. More pictures are motivating and entertaining at the same time with the right caption.

    Hope you get that back figured out. I know a good chiro if you need one...

  4. Thanks Chad - Simply a pulled muscle from a dead lift. It's good to go - I notice it less and less every day.

  5. Lazy single male's nutrition advice.

  6. Paul, firstly, you are the "blog-master" and I think a great balance would be like I said this am...nutrition/lifting/CrossFit advice then crazy/interesting pics and links like today that really get our CrossFitters to send their buds to our blog so we can get more peeps up in here. A good laugh goes a long way.

    P-PP-PJ = 480

  7. can't help but think that had nate been exposed to the aerobics competitions in the mid 80's, he would have found his true calling. sorry you missed that boat nate.

  8. I'm frantically searching for my red ankle-warmers so I can sport them the next time I'm in.

    Chace - did you ever give them back to me? I remember loaning them to you for your last JJ match. Something about you wanting to give the "round-kick to the face" a whole new meaning?

  9. oh, i was exposed; the potato i put in my tights would never stay in place while grape-vinning to the left so i could never pull it off

  10. Nate,

    Next time put the potato in the FRONT....you won't get kicked out of Jazzercise.