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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

David rockin through double unders

Lacy pullin sick watts on the ERG
Mike dissapointed that Chace was'nt here to see that he brought a matching purse for his gloves

Rest Day
"Vermont Smorgsabord"*
"Sometimes you get what you want/
Sometimes you get what you need"
800 meter run
(2 rounds of:)
10 Thrusters 95/65
20 Ring Dips
30 Double Unders
40 Hip Extensions
50 Squats
800 meter run

You get stronger by resting. Take a second and look at that statement, I'll wait.

Did you think about it or did you skip down? Really take a second and consider this. All the work we do in here, the lifting, the running, the dry heaving doesn't really amount to a hill of beans if your body doesn't recover from the stress you put on it. Remember according to Seyle's Theory of Stress it is possible to work yourself to death. And if not death then into the nebulous state called "over training". Over training at it's beginning you'll maybe see more soreness and being prone to injury, you wont recover as fast as you did. At the extreme end you'll see more colds and worse. Since over training has no distinct symptoms it is up to you to decide whether you passed that healthy point and declined into over training

What can we do to head "over training" off at the pass? Mainly what we can do is take consistent rest days. For a day off there are two ways we can approach it: Active, where you take a short run, do yoga or a quick easy row and stretch or you can sit around on the couch in passive where you do nothing. Personally my rest days tends toward a nap and a good foam roll, but too each his own. I'd argue that you should take a rest day after three to four consecutive days on. No one should do more than 5 days on, unless their sport requires it.

Occasionally you'll need to take more time off. Nate and myself generally make sure to take a week off for every 6-8 weeks of working out. This obviously depends on the type of workouts your putting in and any competition you have coming up. But 8 weeks is a good baseline Time these for vacations if you can. So ask yourself when was the last time you took a solid rest day. Have some logic to when you're coming in. I have be doing 1 on/1 off, Nate does 2. How many days a week are you coming in? When was the last time you took a week off?. What do you do?
Don't be a meathead: be smart about your working out.
* Bonus Points: Name the Christmas Movie this quote is taken from.
-Paul Siegel

Open 7,8,9 a.m. New Years Eve Day
Closed New Years Day


  1. Ironicaly, rest day for me. Paul, great blog (again).


    Yall need to stop being a bunch a sissys and come hit this workout today. Chad, I saw Jarrett @ F2o today and he said you hit the snooze button this am?

    BTW, I will be here in the am 7-8-9 if anyone wants to come hit a 2009 send off workout.

  2. Mr. Mom this week. Thought I would make the 6 ams - but too damn tired. If I were brave enough, and Chace was around, I'd bring the girls to the gym and have him entertain them while I crushed some foam-rolling to relieve the stress.

    So - won't be able to send off 2009 - but will be raring to go next week.

    Everyone have a safe and relatively hang-over free New Year!

  3. Yep, I slept so late that I missed the 6, 7 AND 8am classes! Looks like a good grinder I missed.

    At least I did what Paul said on the blog and took my "rest" day ;-)

    I'll be hanging in Woodstock the rest of the week. See yall next Monday bright & early! Happy New Year! Cheers.

  4. I was thinking of taking a rest day tomorrow but I got too excited when I found out it's Angie. Favorite WOD! =DD

  5. That quote is from White Christmas!!