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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Isa pulling "under" the bar.
Jarrett again setting the bar high beating his own 5k record at 18:10

Row 5k

With a row of this distance it is less about sprinting and being strategic than holding on to a split. We say burn the number into the screen. What we mean by that is that we would like to see your 500m split (how long it would take you to row 5oom at that pressure) be the same from stroke to stroke. Say I can pull 2:00, I want to pull 2:00 every single time at a stroke rate of around 28-30 and a Damper of 1. Ideally it would be a sustainable pressure, though this will often be a little lighter (slower) than you expect. Always, always, always think about your workouts ahead of time. And not just dreading them. Have some initial plan, and have a back up plan for when things go wrong. For equivalent times by specialists look here.

-Paul Siegel


  1. man i miss the rowing! our gym doesn't have rowers, but thats forced me to get better at running! sorry to steal your trainer for a couple days but can't wait to see chace! hey to nate and paul, hope you guys are well.

  2. You can keep him. According to Nate, everyones' PR's go through the roof when he is in charge

  3. 'he' in charge meaning Nate - just to make it clear

  4. Wanted to share with y'all, today I had my debut at 5K Rowing and it felt really great. Got bloody blisters and all. 24:09...thanks Nate, Jon and Jarrett for the amazing cues and encoragement. Love CFSS more everyday!!! You all have a great day!

  5. Ryan, bet you do miss the rowers, that was yo thang. No worries on stealin Chace, he deserves a long earned vaca. Ya'll better be rippin through some snow out there!

    Yeah anonymous, I've been referred to as the PR master (ha ha) for ages.

    Row 5k = 19:43

  6. What are the holiday hours with New Year's this week??

  7. I think it's closed on both Thursday and Friday.