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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Browns hitting their 5k's on the Erg.
Big D(on) having flashbacks to his basketball days.
Zach, with Eric in the background, charging through Day 4 of the On-ramp.

Rest Day
"Cleaning Karin"
Medball clean-to-Wall ball

Rest days are an interesting beast. We, as trainers, try and prepare a workout that will be good but not so good as to affect the mainsite WOD the next day. It's a careful balancing act. Look for a future blog about scaling and workout creation.

Rest days are also an excellent chance to do skill or mobility work. Hamstrings tight? Grab a foam roller, a strap or a partner and get to work. Need some help with double unders, snatches or anything else? We're more than happy to help. Have a goal you're not reaching? Don't even have a goal, talk to your trainers for help.


  1. Nate, whats with the cheezy font? I can barely read the WOD.
    Old Goal: To Dead lift, Back Squat 1.5x my body weight.
    New Goal: To afford the increase in my health insurance premiums
    I could go on.
    Why did I join crossfit? I had the fear of arthritis setting in before I'm 35. Now I fear that I won't make it through the day.

  2. Paul - You need to post that "hill climb" video. I'm trying to recruit some people...

  3. Know what you mean Vilas. I DID increase my life insurance after joining crossfit. Figure the odds of having a life ending heart attack are higher than ever now days...

  4. You know Chad, I think Nate needs to increase the appearance fee he pays us to show up. $10/month aint worth the pain