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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Complete 5 rounds of:
Lower from inverted hang with straight body and legs 7 reps
15 Ring Push ups
Work slowly and methodically aiming for perfect reps.

This workout is a bit strange-think of it more of a gymnastic's practice session and less of huff and puff metcon. Gymnastics is the control of one's body in space, this workout will emphasize that.

Wanted to bring a new blog to y'alls attention. My favorite part of Crossfit is the heavy lifts. There is nothing I love more than setting a new PR in something heavy. It would be all I do if Nate would let me. 70's Big is dedicated to just this sort of endeavour. Justin Lascek is one of Coach Rippetoe's minions and an incredible strong man. He gained this strength two ways: Lifting heavy in an intelligent planned way and eating a ton of stuff. Like 6000 to 8000 calories a day. A gallon of whole milk a day, a lot of meat. There is nothing zone, paleo or otherwise about eating for lifting heavy stuff. Coach Rip, and Coach Lascek, specialized in taking weak little men and turning them into big strong men. If you'd like to be big and strong you'd be well advised to follow the protocol and advice laid out within.

The Crossfit Games are coming up. Georgia Sectionals will be February 27-28.


  1. Paul, freaking awesome video! That's what I'm talkin bout brotha!

    Yesterday, "12/3" p-cleans/run 800 = 19:30

    Today, still to come...

  2. 400 BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! hahaha.

    nice work on yesterdays wod nate. It was a tough one eh?!

    See you fools tomorrow!