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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Krissi and Georgia rockin the snatch workout!

Nate doing "FatNate"

"The Limbirds" and friends did a fantastic job on "Day 1" yesterday! From left to right, Russ, Lauren, Susan, Kat, Jonathan, Anne and Jenn. Jonathan and Nate have been fortunate in spreading their passion for CrossFit to their families and getting them in here to train. This is HUGE in the grand scheme; it's all about making a difference in the life of others! CrossFit is a phenominal tool to keep your family and friends healthy and happy.

"Brisk stroll"
15 wall ball shots, 20lbs./14lbs.
100 meters farmer walk,70lbs./50lbs.
20 box jumps, 20 inch box
15 deadlifts,225lbs./155lbs.
(3 rounds)


  1. Speaking of healthy family Roger and I are both out with some sort of crud.

    Hope everyone's hitting it hard out there.

  2. Paaaaauuulllly, never thought I'd say it but we're missin ya in here today (haha). Hope you and Roger are feeling better pronto.

    Bring ur Kung-fu grip on this WOD today and walk briskly.

    Me today - Back Squat 5x5=225 then "Annie"=7:17

  3. Oh jeez I am missing today's WOD as well.. I am trying to feverishly complete my Accounting Take Home exam before 7 pm..BTW Accounting sucks, Finance rocks! Seeya in the am fo sho'

  4. My main accomplishment today is that I completed this WOD approximately 4 minutes after Jordan the "freak of nature" did. I think he DL'd 10 more pounds than me - but who cares about that!

    What did I gain from this accomplishment? I cannot grip and lift simple, household items. Could not pick up my daughter after work. My forearms have been quivering for hours...

    What a great feeling!