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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rob and Jen getting after some wallball shots.
Sheri working on her new commitment to 5 days a week CrossFit.

Our resident Canadian making box jumps look easy. Awesome job Kodi.
Backsquat, 1 rep.
Shoulder Press, 1 rep.
Deadlift, 1 rep.
A quick discussion about heavy days. Ask yourself a couple of questions. First, what are your favorite workouts, the one's you push yourself the hardest on? Second, What are your least favorite workouts, the one's you don't push your limits on? Now ask yourself why should you approach these workouts with a different intensity?
Here is a quick answer for the last one, YOU SHOULDN'T!
" We are only as fit as limits of our abilities"- Greg Glassman
(May not be an exact quote)
In CrossFit there are 10 general skills of physical fitness. They are: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. We are only as fit as we are competent in these domains.
Basically, if you cant run fast, then that is the limit of your fitness. If you cant do 10 pull-ups in a row, then pull-ups are the limit of your fitness. If you cant lift heavy weights, then strength is the limit of your fitness.
When you get up and read the WOD, pay attention to how it makes you feel and also to the way you approach the gym that day. Chances are if you are weak your going to hate heavy days and treat them with a defeated mentality. The same rule applies for running long distance if you hate 5k runs. I know that I have to dig extra deep on the 5k days in order to get a P.R. let alone just to get myself out to Columns drive.
What ever the reason for your lack of intensity with whatever workout troubles you, I ask you to re-frame your thought process. Don't allow intimidation or a self-defeating mindset hold you back. You need to attack the days you hate and suck at with more intensity than everything else you do in here. Find a goat and fix it. Get out there and increase your capacity.
What is your least favorite workout/exercise? Why? What are your new goals to become better in this domain?
Post to comments.


  1. I hate any long distance runs. I never seem to be able to improve on my times. I believe it's because, I don't push myself hard enough. Next time a run comes up, I'm going to pace my timing to someone at least 3 min. faster than I.

  2. I hate back squats. I hate any metcon involving front squats. Thrusters, squat cleans, all make it feel like back will snap in two.
    I definitely have a psychological road block when it comes to the back squats, so I am trying to hit them often to get stronger and overcome the fear.
    My favorite days are body-weight movements, and those that mix in a run, like Helen.

  3. Great blog Chace! I'm great at everything so I really dont know what your talking about so....just kidding! I truly dont hate any of the movements but definately need a deeper focus or more mental preperation for "Fran" because of the very intense pain and "Helen" for the same reason. On my goat - Heavy days - I've just decided to take the opposite route and not stress about these days but plainly do my best!

    Today: rest day

  4. I hate anything that has me be really out of breath. Makes me want to quit and catch my breath. Short & intense are worse for me than long because I'm a really good pacer.

    Been missing you guys. Worked two 12-hr days back-to-back and today is going to be close. Tomorrow morning I have a job interview. Crossfit your fingers for me!!! See you Friday morning.

  5. I hate lunges. I hate lunges. I hate lunges.

    They make me want to pukie after about 100 meters of them - I don't know why. Obviously something for me to work on.

    I like heavy days - they are a nice break from the other stuff, which I like as well. I kind of like it all - except lunges.

    I'm going to be taking a few day hiatus. Daughters are out of day care sick, travel to FL tomorrow, and hunting weekend starting on Friday. Anyone interested in some venison?

    Chace - I'm mailing you my t-shirt check to the gym, because I can't stand to be in no man's debt.

    I'll try to hit a travel WOD while i'm out.

  6. Chris I will gladly pay you for some Venison.

    I hate anything with a run in it, box jumps, lunges and any workout longer than 20 minutes. And pushups That's just to start. I do love my heavy days. Once I recover from whatever pestilence I have, it'll be back to mainsite WOD's.

    As to how I'm feeling I'll let Foreigner speak for me:"Well, I'm hot blooded/ check it and see/ I got a fever of a hundred and three".

    Roger is already back at work, and I'm sitting here dizzy off my ass, sweating and freezing, hacking up a lung...Bah!

  7. Whats to like about crossfit? I basically hate every workout because at the end, I keep questioning the fact that I was better of dead than enduring this torture. I hate box jumps, 5Ks, 10Ks, 0.5Ks, pullups (esp the ones that chace refuses to count), pushups, basically any WOD. I'm an equal opportunity hater. I would put 5k's at the top of my list because the last time I ran an offical 5k, I got overtaken by a dad pushing a twin strolley/pram with two kids in it running uphill. I wanted to kill the bastard. The last time I ran 5k was that dreaded loop around the gym where I had to pass Nate's smug smiling face while he was laying on the grass with Paul and yelling only 4 more rounds to go. BLEH

  8. Chris,

    I would be more than happy to take some venison off your hands.

  9. All I have to say is I hate double unders!! And pushups suck too!...my goal is to be able to do at least one of each before the year's out

  10. I'll see what I can do over the weekend...

  11. My limiting factor is my flexibility... that's not a secret. Everything else improves exponentially as my flexibility improves.

    As for the intensity, I think I psych myself out on the heavy days. I love doing the crazy workouts and realizing half way home that there's no way in hell I should be driving because my head is throbbing so much I'm getting tunnel vision. Knowing that I'm not going to get that on a heavy day makes it a little dull for me.

    Umm, my other limiting factor is working at a high school and being hyperexposed to the seasonal illnesses. I've had some sinus crap since Sunday, working out on Monday made it worse, and it has spread down to my throat now. I'm hoping to be back by Friday. Was pissed to miss Total again... think that's the last 3 times now.