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Monday, October 26, 2009

Becky loves her burpees. Here she is mid "Dilemma".
The Browns
Rest Day
50 Thrusters @ 95 lbs
50 Pullups
10 Box Jump penalty for every time the bar hits the ground
All reps to be shared among two partners
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45lbs
30 Pullups

This weekend I went to watch the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra", you may ask yourself what that has to do with Crossfit.
It made me think of Virtuosity. A professional orchestra is if anything a collection of virtuosity. Each player must play in tune and in concert with the others in the orchestra. One discordant note instantly ruins the effect. Let us say that the orchestra represents your body, if your muscles aren't working correctly your entire body is affected. Which is why we've started to strongly recommend stretching, foam rolling and other soft tissue work. We're looking for a glorious harmony of muscle and sinew. Which sounds a little weird, but I think it make senses.
A symphony is really only as good as it's conductor. We can think of the conductor as the brain. If your brain is unduly fatigued (from stress or lack of sleep), unsure of the movement or confused than we will see a lose of virtuosity in the movements. It's important than you guys know what we're looking for in these movements and try to emulate them, that may mean studying them, working on them at home with a broom stick. We're asking that in practice you try to come as close to the movements' ideal as possible.
It may seem a little strange to take lesson from Strauss and apply it to Crossfit, and it is. But these lessons are global. Take what you learn in here and apply it to the outside world, take what you know from the outside world and apply it in here.
-Paul Siegel


  1. congrats EVERYBODY on deadlifts!! mucho pr's!

    Weighted pullups=100lbs.

  2. Nice pic Becky! Are you coming in at 7 tomorrow?

  3. Chace-The early years...

  4. that explains the mutant that chace has evolved into now....

  5. yo, everyone!, its ryan under my alias, BRandon. hope you guys had an awesome weekend. we went mountain biking again on an absolutley epic trail yesterday. off to crossfit now, we are doing the filthy fifty, never done it, but am a little scared. i won't make the some mistake i made with fran the other day. me and k are doing a crossfit contest thing on saturday. its pretty cool, do a wod at the gym, ride your bike to anearby park and do another wod, then ride to another park and do a wod, then another and then back to the gym for a final wod. pretty cool idea!! i think we will dominate cause we ride all the time, and we will be wearing capes as it is haloween. hope you guys are well!!

  6. Jackie first time - RX 8:42

    Michael (for "cool down") 23:53 RX

    Great job Vilas! Enjoyed training with you today!

  7. Don, do you workout anymore? I think you have resorted to only showing up on total days.