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Thursday, September 3, 2009

This post is about how to take your hands from the above, to the below.

Today will be a special post, separate from the everyday WOD stuff (if you'd like to see todays WOD stuff it's below this), on exactly how to tape your hands. Nothing like this really exists out there in the blogosphere, so pass it on to all your crossfit friends and acquaintances.
We've found a method that works for very well for protecting torn palm calluses and also for the prevention of tears. All you need for this is some 1.25" or 1.5" cloth athletic tape. Cloth tape is better than anything else we've found. It's cheap easily found and not slippery.

1. Measure with tape from the top of your longest finger to several inches past the base of your wrist.

Your going to then double this measurement in tape. We find that around 16"-18" works very well for even the largest of hands.

2. Double the tape over in half lengthwise

3. Smooth the tape out, smooth it over an edge or something sharp, try and get all the air bubbles out.

4. Double it over on itself so that the two ends meet. And the same side of tape is facing up. This will leave a loop for your finger to fit through.

5. Place another strip of tape on the bottom of the strap you made above, this holds it together and adds another layerof abrasion resistance. Fit it on the necessary finger above to cover your palm. Note how far past the wrist it goes. Before you tape it to your wrist, stretch your wrist out backwards so that there is enough slack in the strap. Now take one wrap around your wrist. Double the wrist strap back on itself and trap it with another loop of tape. We've found that only one loop around the wrist the strap will pull loose. If the strap pulls free it will still protect your hands but, it's annoying and not something we need.

Now get to work.

The straps are reusable just throw away the wrist loops and keep 'em in your notebook.

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