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Friday, September 4, 2009

Mike notching a 15-second PR (and a gym record) on Elizabeth.
Rest Day
"Glass Menagerie"
Backwards Run 137m
3 rounds
21 DB Swing 55lbs/35lbx
Crab Walk 40ft.
33 Sit-ups
Bear Crawl 40ft
Backwards Run 137m
5 rounds
15 Power Snatch 95lbs.
Run 400m

Fight Gone Bad IV. We've raised $1005 so far which is great, but we've still got $995 to go. The clock doesn't stop until you cross the finish line. 23 days to go.
Discussion question ('cause it's Friday and we all need intellectual stimulation): Can you ever be strong enough? Is there a limit where you see that you don't need to be any stronger?


  1. Grrr I missed todays workout - sounded like a fun one.
    seeya guys tomorrow!

  2. 5k row: 22:30, I've gone faster and will next time. First long erg piece I've pulled since my hurting my knee in february. 7 months is a long time off the erg and it showed.

  3. Yesterday
    Squat 3x3

    Fran's Short Paddle
    3 Rounds
    250m Row
    12-9-6 Thruster, 95#
    12-9-6 Pull Ups

    Second little foray into the strength bias. Don't know if I should have done the 185 for three sets across or not, legs feel great today, but shoulders are tired from the stack of ring dips, cleans, thrusters, and pull ups. Going to do a little tabata push ups, squats, and situps today.