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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Run 5k

4, 5 and 6 p.m. will meet at Column's Drive (the official CFSS 5k and 10k route). Nate and I will be in the gym in the afternoon if you'd like to come on and try something else.

Directions From our current location:
Head up Roswell Road to Johnson's Ferry and take a left
Take Johnson's Ferry over the river
Columns Drive is on the left at the first light over the river
Head all the way down Columns til it dead ends in a gravel parking lot. (this will seem like a long ways).
Chace will be there with his shirt off.
Make sure to bring $3 dollars for parking.
Go for a new PR.
It is for very good causes
Haiku is not easy.
No seriously, donate what you can when you can. We've passed our halfway mark, but we've still got pretty far to go.


  1. Sweeeeeeet!

    Chace see you at the river at 5.

    Bring Lucy!


  2. my day off! crossfit makes me tired

  3. Sort of all over the place today:

    Snatch: 125
    C+J : 155

    Snatch Balance: 135

    HSPU's: 2 abmat's x10
    GH Raise: 2x5
    Full GH Situp: 2x5

    5k row tomorrow

  4. Were are you slackers on a "5k" day?? For me, OHS=180lbs.x 3, gotcha Don.

  5. Nice Work Nate! Big tree fall hard but shall return!