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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jared mid "Jarabeth"

Fran's Boat Race

1000m Row

21 95 lb. thruster

21 pullups

750m Row

15 95 lb. thruster

15 pullups

500m row

9 95 lb. thruster

9 pullups

If rowers are not available than the running sub is 1 mile, 800m and 400m.

Have you donated to Fight Gone Bad 4 yet? A prize package for the most money raised is still out there for the win. 26 days left.

Your brain thinks you can do less than your muscles actually can. Ignore your brain. Or, you know, try to. Thanks to Rob for sending this to Nate and for Nate bringing it to my attention. If you find an interesting article or topic you'd like covered post it to comments.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thanks for all the birthday love.

    I had an awesome birthday!!

    Thats why I love Crossfit Sandy Springs. All you guys are family.

    See ya.

  3. Right on Jared! Thanks to the help of Ryan and Paul yelling at me, today, I got a PR on "Nate"=19 rounds. We're picking up CrossFitters, 2 new this week! Everyone, thanks for sharing your passion with the local civilians (ha ha).

  4. Don't think I will be able to make it to the dinner tonight.

    Paul, Nate, Chace - I sent yall an email concerning the Strength Bias programming. Will you check it out for me?

  5. Nate:

    I got a new person coming with me Saturday for the 9 am class.



  6. holy shit nate! that was awesome. 19!! ridiculous. had an awesome workout as well. me and chace hit the wod, and were literally dead even the entire time. he edged me out at the end by 3 seconds. it was so fun, and so motivating. hadn't felt that bad after a workout in forever!

  7. Knee was acting 'cause weather is moving in.. or something like that. Either way thrusters weren't gonna happen.

    20 minutes monkeying around on rings, practicing MU transition and some ring dip training, as well as kip practice.

    Then: Subbed Push Press for thrusters for todays workout. 26:30

    Good rhythm on the pullups for once.

    I'll take a look at your program. I'm thinking of just sticking with the mainsite (maybe throwing in an stretched out olympic lifting cycle in there somewhere). I'm seeing good gains and advances. Honestly, strength is one of my strengths and cardio and bodyweight is my goat. I need to work my goats.

  8. Nate & Paul - Great job motivating Russ and I today! The WOD crushed me! I'm still in a fetal position sucking my thumb! ;)