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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chace, Ribeye and myself sanded, cleaned and painted the pullups bars on Friday. They're no longer rusty, but they are a bit slick.

21-15-9 for time of:
115 lbs Cleans
Ring Dips
Double Unders
Make -up Day
T-shirts are in! Bring $20 or a check made out to Chace Wheaton.

Fight Gone Bad IV. I've heard plenty of you mentioning you should donate, why not now?
If you're doing the 30 day paleo challenge ignore the below.
There's a thread on the Crossfit forum called "Dietary confessions of a Crossfitter". In this thread various crossfitters from around the world come in to confess there various dietary sins to a welcoming public. I've learned a few lessons from this thread:
1. Everyone cheats. Even the strictest zoner occasionally slips on their blocks, the strict Paleoite lets a processed grain past their lips. And most people don't cheat just once, there's 52 pages of this stuff. It's got to be happening more than once for everyone.
2. Relax. The best thing to do once you slip up on a diet is to move on, try and do better next time and forget that you've messed up, they're is absolutely no reason to dwell on it. You may fell short term guilt and general malaise from the crap you ate, but you'll be fine. Life is too short to worry about keeping strict Zone or Paleo all the time. You don't need to come in and work really hard to burn off those calories because you cheated on your diet. Relax.
3. Sweet, Fatty, Sugar. The easiest foods to cheat with are the indulgences: fried, sweet and sugary baked goods, chocolate and alcohol are big culprits as well. They spike your insulin, blur your vision and lull you into a false sense of security and drowsiness.
4. Celebrations. Don't worry about strict zone or paleo here, get close if you can and if you can't: dig in. It's not worth being that strict, and it places you in an uncomfortable place as a guest having to ask the host if they have a gluten free option. Enjoy yourself, have fun and don't worry about it. In 20 years are you going to remember having cake and too much champagne or are you going to remember that you kept strict zone? Which one would you rather remember?
5. Try and keep your relationship with food on a sensible level. Food is first of all about taste and variety, enjoy what you eat when you eat it. Food is fuel only in it's secondary capacity.


  1. yo!! anyone interested in getting dinner tuesday night after crossfit? me and kristen were thinkin it would be fun to hit a local restaurant and hang out for a bit before we leave for colorado!!
    also nate, i can workout around 10 30 if you want a date for your date with 95. i'll stop by then. if not, kill it!

  2. I'm on my 22nd day of my own 30 day paleo challenge. It works you all - down 8 lbs and 2.5" off the waist in only 22 days.

    I can't wait to complete every cheat know to man on day 31!!!

    Who wants to join me in going another 30 days??

  3. Thank you guys!!

    On the floor laughing!!! Haha! I love the workout and the name! Haha!

    See you guys at 6. Haha!

  4. Today
    OHS 5x3

    Well, this one was kinda a mind fuck. Never have I failed so many attempts. Not too mention my head wasn't all there in the first place, as I made the jump from 85 to 115, looking for a 20# jump. Whoops. I am tempted to come back in tonight and try that 130 one last time. Didn't think I got much of a work out, but now I can feel the exhuation in the shoulders from the last couple days.

    Count me in for the dinner tomorrow.

    Happy birthday, J-rad

  5. Happy Birthday Jared!!! This morning I hit "date with 95"=10 rounds. Ryan I just read your post ofcourse after training, man would have been a lot better if we rocked it together...Monday mornings are always a little tougher to get moving.

  6. 3x3 press at 95lbs. These were heavier than I remembered. The press is by far one of my weakest lifts.

    Than 15-12-9 of Jarabeth in 16:18. Assisted Ring Dips felt strong and too easy. Have to find a way to modify that. Got my first double unders today too. 3 in a row I think.

  7. Paul,
    What's your email address? Hoping to send out an initial plan of the strength-bias today.

    How did you assist the ring dips?

  8. Jonathon,

    pasiegel1 at comcast dot net.

    For now what I've been doing is raising my feet up. And using gradually smaller boxes. I've been looking at using a band and I think that might be next.