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Friday, August 28, 2009

Theresa, Owner of Crossfit Appleton for her Date with 95
Pam, stopped by with Theresa for "Cherry"
Ranjana going through "Cherry"
Hope to see you all again sometime soon!
Over Head Squat
Fight Gone Bad IV. Less than month. Get excited, 'cause we are.
*Gym is closed Saturday. Watch the blog for Sunday class info.*

The 3 aspects most important to your success in here are:
Intensity (w/ virtuosity)
So with that in mind I have a question for you all: How much sleep are you getting? Melissa Byers has a great post for Aug. 26, 2009 and here's a post from Robb Wolf on the same idea. Basically you need more sleep, you need a darker room and you can lose weight doing it. The challenge is: 2 weeks, 8+ hours of sleep a night, I'm willing to try. Who's with me? Sleep is one of the most important recovery process you can use, and probably one of the easiest to implement. Really with this what have you got to lose?


  1. Will you keep my kids for 2 weeks so they don't wake me up at night? This challenge would be easy then...

  2. hu huh huh hu huh....look at krissi's shirt.

  3. Two days ago
    "Nate" 12 Rounds
    Muscle Ups from Standing
    KB Swings, 60#

    Deadlift - 1RM
    Lil Cindy - AMRAP 10min
    8 Rounds

    An addition to the handcare posts, I keep a can of Burt's Bees Farmer's Friend Hand Salve in my car, and put it on whenever I leave the gym. Have had no torn calluses yet. But be careful cuz your steering wheel will be mighty slippery.

    Gonna send a party invite email to the CF email, will you forward it on out to the rest of the community?

  4. yeah, krissi's shirt, aaahh hah hahhh . we have beards. Did "heavy Cindy" CTB= 17 rounds then laid on the sidewalk in the rain for 20 minutes, awesome!

  5. Krissi is just showing us she's getting full range of motion.

    Date with 95 RX= 7 rounds. Have felt off all week with workouts, this one felt good. Did 8 rounds with 75 lbs eight months ago. Power output was probably the same.

    I wont be back in till monday. The list is on the office computer or I would do it from home. Maybe Nate or Chace will read this and send it out. Otherwise It'll wait till then.

  6. Workout for today:

    Burgener Warmup
    15 Squat
    15 DB swings, 40#
    15 Push Ups
    10 Pull Ups
    15 Good Mornings, 40#
    15 Situps

    A little gymnastic strength work
    3x Skin the Cat into Tuck Back Lever Hold then into Tuck Front Lever Hold
    each hold for about a split second

    3 Rounds
    5 each side DB Snatch, 40#,
    10 DB Front Squat, 100#
    25 Situps

    Now off to play wiffle ball.
    Hope everyone did well and had fun at the competition today

  7. Today
    Warm Up
    5min Jog
    PVC Pass Throughs
    15 OHS
    15 Push Ups
    15 DB Swing, 40#
    10 K2E
    15 Supermans
    DROM Stretches

    Weighted Pull Ups 7x1

    Max Reps Deadhang 12

    HSPU Skill Work
    3xHandstand Hold and HSPU negative

    65# may or may not have been my previous PR. 70# got about half way up there, and wasn't feeling another shot at it. Happy with the 65 since i havent been doing pull ups much recently. Not so happy with the 12 rep max though, but they were full extension on every rep, and I guess i should just be happy that my shoulder isnt bothering me anymore.

    Congrats to Jeff and Karin for the wins yesterday, and also to Krissy and Curtis.